Bug #28024

Updated by Muzzleflash over 5 years ago

Sample mission attached:


Starts with:
10 Bandages
10 Compress
10 Morphine
10 Epi
4 Medkit

"Drop Ruck" and then "Take Ruck" after.

Ruck contents now:
10 Bandage
10 Compress
10 Morphine

That all items present before dropping the ruck is present after picking it up again.

Further notes:
After dropping the ruck, using Gear on it reveals only the remaining items time too which suggest it is not a "Take Ruck" problem.
In a MP game I got the the stage with 10 bandages/compress/morphine. Picking up another 2 bandages and then dropping and picking up the ruck again resulting in:

12 bandages
10 compresses
8 morphine.