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30604 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalBUG Not all Civilians attacked by AI; Civilians able to move construction objectsmawendt04/22/2012 21:410
30989 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalChinook crew chief seat buggedBinks05/06/2012 10:400
64550 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugAssignedNormalDisconnect after TeamlockAndx12/16/2012 14:220
50690 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalEnemy AI killing players trying to enter gun shopColdAsIce09/17/2012 18:180
31466 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalested Mod Improvement: Bodyarmor and Backpacksmawendt05/16/2012 14:290
35773 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugResolvedNormalEXPLOIT Gunstore Guys Dyingmawendt07/09/2012 08:340
30378 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalExploit: AI doesn't seem to attack unarmed civilians at side missionmawendt04/16/2012 15:130
50848 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalGLITCH: Crash site, players get stuck have to respawn, plus reccomended improvesmawendt09/17/2012 18:340
30245 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalGunshop purchase replaces current weaponGenitals04/11/2012 23:180
29934 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalIMPROVEMENT: Addition Mission Object Randomizationmawendt03/31/2012 03:490
29925 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalIMPROVEMENT: AI Spawn distances at Side Missionsmawendt03/31/2012 03:020
29937 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalIMPROVEMENT: AI to waypointmawendt03/31/2012 04:060
29929 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugFeedbackLowIMPROVEMENT: Destroyed vehicles/air added to Dynamic Vehicle or Dynamic Object spawnmawendt03/31/2012 19:350
30094 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalJIP brokenXeno04/06/2012 06:390
30257 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalMap rules, notes, faq not showing up for some peopleLunchbox27204/12/2012 21:540
30259 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalMed KitsLunchbox27204/12/2012 21:490
33527 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewHighMission Endmawendt06/18/2012 23:010
30377 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalMod Improvement: Eliminate Spawning MASH tents from spawn listmawendt04/16/2012 15:110
30247 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalMod Improvement: Reduce Initial Spawning of Itemsmawendt04/11/2012 23:460
30376 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalMod Improvement: Team Balance,Professions: Engineers and Demolitionsmawendt04/16/2012 15:100
30363 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalSome Bugs with MAP Before Tonic Updatemattchicago04/16/2012 01:100
68017 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalStuck before spawn menurjhonert12/20/2012 12:310
31528 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalSuggested Change: Reduce number of empty Ammo boxes and little tentsmawendt05/18/2012 15:160
31386 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalSuggested mod feature: Bountiesmawendt05/14/2012 05:280
30277 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalSuggested Mod Improvement: Food, Canned Goods, etcmawendt04/13/2012 00:450
32154 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalSuggested Mod Improvement: Localized effectsmawendt05/29/2012 16:550
30380 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugIn progressLowSuggested Mod Improvement: Rarity of certain weapons, construction items, and vehicles.mawendt04/19/2012 00:520
30484 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalSuggested Mod Improvement: Reduce Gunshops, Randomize Gunshop Locationsmawendt04/19/2012 01:490
29923 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalSuggested Side Mission: 'Bad Day' (Recoveable Helicopter)mawendt03/31/2012 02:570
30651 Wasteland Survival SandboxBugNewNormalSwitching weapons at a motorcycle will make carried weapon despawnBinks04/24/2012 22:330

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