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76297 Iron Front in Arma - Issue TrackerFeatureFeedbackLowACE3 configdrredfoxShvetz03/23/2016 08:17Other0
75720 TacBFFeatureFeedbackLowRemove the "Search" option from Blufor soldiers in S&DLeondorDr_Eyeball02/09/2015 22:38UI/Menus/Dialogs/HUD0
75653 TacBFFeatureFeedbackLowBombcar SoundGunther.SAdanteh12/22/2014 06:34Sound effects & Dubbing voices3.100
75597 TacBFFeatureFeedbackLowRole Display ImagesGunther.SAdanteh12/11/2014 01:36Addons support0
75086 Community Upgrade ProjectFeatureFeedbackNormalMisc_Lamp_EP1 (OA lamps)PansyfaustPansyfaust08/31/2014 17:440
75085 Community Upgrade ProjectFeatureFeedbackNormalA_StationHousePansyfaustPansyfaust08/31/2014 17:240
75050 Community Upgrade ProjectFeatureFeedbackNormalMarker Light FixPansyfaustPansyfaust08/24/2014 22:560
75049 Community Upgrade ProjectFeatureFeedbackNormalRail SemaforPansyfaustPansyfaust08/24/2014 22:570
74680 TacBFFeatureFeedbackLowHO's: allow HO's to be chosen via the map from the base, if far enough from the front line.Dr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/20/2014 04:19Deployable (Sandbag,RP,HO,FO)0
74633 TacBFFeatureFeedbackLowAllow empty backpack contents to be specified via defaultGear files.Dr_EyeballDr_Eyeball11/11/2014 15:08Armaments & Roles0
74619 TacBFFeatureFeedbackLowAdd loadout preview to Roles dialogDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball10/19/2014 20:12Armaments & Roles0
74579 All in ArmaFeatureFeedbackNormalPoor eyesight.GalaxGalax05/25/2014 06:280
74425 TacBFFeatureFeedbackNormal[Major] Add the ability for the presence of zoneObjects to be randomized upon mission initmadrabbitmadrabbit11/16/2014 04:19Game modes0
73986 TacBFFeatureFeedbackNormalRemove the special kit from a player if he got kicked from the squad, on his next respawn.LeondorDr_Eyeball03/04/2014 09:18Armaments & Roles0
73522 TacBFFeatureFeedbackTrivialName Tag SmoothingHurtz02/08/2014 14:13UI/Menus/Dialogs/HUD0
73472 TacBFFeatureFeedbackNormalReplace the cache marker with a circle, which size is dependant on an amount of intel gathered. LeondorDr_Eyeball03/01/2014 11:54Gameplay0
73240 TacBFFeatureFeedbackLow[On hold] Using Base Deployment should cost some side ticketsDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball02/27/2014 11:55Scoring/Penalties & Scoreboard0
72397 TacBFFeatureFeedbackNormalDisable the ability to unload FO Construction Materials from FO crate before you set FO up.LeondorDr_Eyeball10/13/2014 15:40Cargo system1
72390 TacBFFeatureFeedbackTrivialGet rid of the FO setup cooldown.LeondorDr_Eyeball02/27/2014 11:49UI/Menus/Dialogs/HUD-1
72255 All in ArmaFeatureFeedbackHigh3D scopes for Arma 2 weaponsDucky08/06/2013 10:41Requires model rework0
72034 All in ArmaFeatureFeedbackHighAdd attachments compatibility to A2 weaponsDucky08/06/2013 10:38Requires model rework1
71504 Joint Dynamic Assault MissionFeatureFeedbackTrivialEach Grid square should change as it is cleared. to much guess work right nowHoovesSpyder00103/31/2013 07:110
71389 SATFeatureFeedbackNormalremoved sun and added wallAce03/17/2013 03:070
71147 Community Base AddonsFeatureFeedbackNormalAdd optional parameter "_parameter" to CBA UI menu that is passed to action in _this variableDystopianDystopian03/27/2013 22:230
70695 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerFeatureFeedbackNormalIncrease speed of publicVariable data over network.NouNou03/11/2013 00:17Multiplayer8
70552 Warfare BEFeatureFeedbackNormalCustomize SoldiersSagehornBenny01/29/2013 18:540
70551 Warfare BEFeatureFeedbackNormalRearm AI-SquadSagehorn01/29/2013 23:090
70398 Warfare BEFeatureFeedbackNormalThe keyboardEmperor01/16/2013 21:370
69070 A.C.E. for OAFeatureFeedbackNormalLock-on requirement to fire the Manpads AA missiles.cyrilator11/14/2013 20:59Arma 36
67726 Arma 2: Community Configuration ProjectFeatureFeedbackNormalTweak AI MG use at distancekju09/06/2013 13:426

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