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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version Votes Affected Version
551 SPON MapFeatureNewNormalPossible to have multiline marker descriptions?kjuSpooner03/18/2009 13:540
546 SPON MapFeatureFeedbackLowEmpty mode for grid modekjuSpooner03/18/2009 13:330
545 SPON MapFeatureAssignedLowCTRL + FX is hard to press, LMB + FX instead?kjuSpooner06/16/2009 00:21Eventually0
544 SPON MapFeatureAssignedNormalMinimise windowskjuSpooner06/16/2009 00:21Eventually0
540 SPON MapFeatureFeedbackNormalNotes to self.SpoonerSpooner03/18/2009 05:060
471 SPON MapFeatureNewNormalView group membersSpoonerSpooner03/16/2009 15:540
455 SPON MapFeatureAssignedNormalAdd /reply commandSpoonerSpooner03/26/2009 22:22Eventually0
451 SPON MapFeatureAssignedNormalCommands to send IMs direct to channels without changing current channelSpoonerSpooner03/26/2009 22:22Eventually0
448 SPON MapFeatureFeedbackNormalAlter method of sending pen lineSpoonerSpooner06/16/2009 00:21Eventually0
440 SPON MapFeatureAssignedNormalAdd non-medics to the medic chan and non-leaders to command chanJynxSpooner06/16/2009 00:21Eventually0
434 SPON MapFeatureAssignedNormalReplace Measure mode with CTRL-dragSpoonerSpooner06/16/2009 00:21Eventually0
428 SPON MapFeatureFeedbackNormalReplace Query mode with pop-up infoSpoonerSpooner06/16/2009 00:21Eventually0
427 SPON MapFeatureFeedbackNormalPress key to hide interfaceSpoonerSpooner03/14/2009 20:080
414 SPON MapFeatureAssignedNormalHistory for IMsSpoonerSpooner03/26/2009 22:22Eventually0
413 SPON MapFeatureAssignedLowInternationalisationSpoonerSpooner03/27/2009 18:16Eventually0
409 SPON MapFeatureNewNormalLMB to send message, RMB to cancel/clear message in IM mode.kjuSpooner03/13/2009 15:150
407 SPON MapFeatureAssignedNormalSPON Map accessible in briefingkjuSpooner03/26/2009 22:21Eventually0
382 SPON MapFeatureNewLowAdd time tag to IM message.kjuSpooner03/11/2009 22:420
379 SPON MapFeatureNewLowDirection indicator of the selected marker in the log.kjuSpooner03/11/2009 22:220
355 SPON MapFeatureFeedbackNormalShow change in height and ground distance in measureSpoonerSpooner03/15/2009 16:010
327 SPON MapFeatureAssignedNormalIcon markers static sizeSpoonerSpooner03/26/2009 21:36Eventually0
311 SPON MapFeatureAssignedNormalAbility to show textures behind the mapSpoonerSpooner03/06/2009 18:21Eventually0
306 SPON MapFeatureAssignedNormalAdd button in SPON Map to enable/disable regular mapSpoonerSpooner06/16/2009 00:21Eventually0
293 SPON MapFeatureAssignedNormalAdd filter options in log modekjuSpooner03/10/2009 16:42Eventually0
278 SPON MapFeatureNewNormalCopy the measurement distance into the clipboard?kjuSpooner03/13/2009 00:130
268 SPON MapFeatureAssignedNormalIM logSpoonerSpooner03/03/2009 17:26Eventually0
267 SPON MapFeatureAssignedNormalAccess to IMs outside mapSpoonerSpooner03/03/2009 17:24Eventually0
266 SPON MapFeatureFeedbackNormalJIP updatingSpoonerSpooner03/17/2009 01:17Eventually0
263 SPON MapFeatureAssignedNormalSerialise map information to load laterSpoonerSpooner03/10/2009 16:42Eventually0
254 SPON MapFeatureAssignedNormalAllow extra information to be stored in icon markersSpoonerSpooner04/01/2009 05:56Eventually0

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