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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version Votes Affected Version
23112 Addon Sync 2009BugNewImmediatePlayer area unviewableSnR10/19/2011 20:103
73804 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormalUnable to Load Mosin.soaked01/22/2014 22:150
28625 InsurgencyTaskFeedbackTrivialNew TaskSoapySoapy02/11/2012 23:43Misc0
28384 InsurgencyBugIn progressLowMHQ: add deployment countdownSoapyKol9yN05/22/2013 11:59Misc0.91 A301.5
73855 Patrol OpsBugAssignedNormalTowing planeSoleightysix03/13/2014 14:46Logistics0
75550 LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmABugNewNormalObjet videSol10/29/2014 10:180
30151 Sounds of SteelBugNewNormalUpdate all AK47 weaponsSolarghost04/07/2012 13:050
27760 Sounds of SteelFeatureIn progressNormalReload sound for the M107SolarghostSolarghost04/07/2012 12:580
30145 Sounds of SteelFeatureNewNormalRebreather sound for Jet PilotsSolarghost04/07/2012 12:570
30148 Sounds of SteelFeatureNewNormalEmpty pistol clip soundSolarghost04/07/2012 13:020
30154 Sounds of SteelBugNewNormalCreate good sounds for the M4A1 SilencerSolarghost04/07/2012 13:070
30153 Sounds of SteelBugNewNormalChange the sound of the MP5Solarghost04/07/2012 13:070
30150 Sounds of SteelBugNewNormalAdjust the M1911 echo varient / Give it oneSolarghost04/07/2012 13:050
30149 Sounds of SteelBugNewNormalAdd in echo for the M60 after firingSolarghostSolarghost06/21/2012 10:17Version 1.30
40429 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormalProne Into Bushes Causes Fall DamageSolaries08/18/2012 02:403
19666 A.C.E. for OATaskNewNormalM72A7Soldat2012/18/2012 19:50Model RequestModel requests15
13923 A.C.E. for OATaskNewLowForce Recon MarinesSoldat2001/29/2013 15:16Model RequestModel requests6
76047 Combat Space EnhancementBugNewNormalCombat Deafness ModuleSoldat20302/19/2015 16:071
73291 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerFeatureNewNormalM2A2/M2A3 Bradley got wrong amount of cargo-proxies (6 instead of 7)Soldia11/30/2013 13:54Vehicles2
71087 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalFeatureNewNormalRETENTIVE ITEMS need to stay where you set them up or leave them for a longer duration. Important itemsSolid03/30/2013 22:132
71582 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalFeatureNewNormalOption to mute all players in the players list.Solid04/05/2013 10:351
71088 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalFeatureNewNormal Operation Flashpoint Cessna light aircraft in DAYZ please.Solid02/25/2013 17:521
8084 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugAssignedNormalStuck Optics View in BM-21 Grad Gunner Positionsolrac42Dwarden10/12/2012 08:43Config1.63 BETA17
9696 Lost keyBugResolvedNormalSpectator script still not updated for ArmA 2 in Lost Key v1.5solrac4212/08/2010 21:101
7485 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerFeatureAssignedNormalShooting one window on a building should not break all its windowssolrac4207/30/2010 21:57Gameplay9
10653 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugAssignedNormalRHIB Fuel Gauge Reversedsolrac42Dwarden12/27/2010 21:04Model5
27630 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerFeatureAssignedNormalImplement camera commandssolrac4206/08/2012 15:30Scripting: New command2
2662 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerFeatureAssignedNormalhintC not to display after click continuesolrac4202/25/2010 10:42Interface2
4114 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugIn progressNormalDeactivated satchel charges not picked up solrac42Dwarden09/04/2012 16:28Weapons12
2016 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerFeatureAssignedNormalRe-implement script command "findCover"Solus08/22/2013 11:40AI Issues72
18385 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugAssignedNormalErrors in spanish localization of some textsomeBoyDwarden04/01/2011 12:43Localisation0
74521 battleWarden:RConFeatureNewNormalSupport for admin namesSoner05/15/2014 17:01battleWarden:RCon 1.20
75568 Combat Space EnhancementBugNewNormalOn Search person you cant move items from person to groundSonic11/01/2014 09:15sys_advanced_interaction0
75831 Combat Space EnhancementBugAssignedNormalCSE keybindings doing vanilla actionsSonicglowbal12/12/2014 21:47FrameworkNext Release0
75566 Combat Space EnhancementFeatureNewNormalAdd force walk when CAT on legsSonic10/31/2014 20:43sys_medical0
69401 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalTeam Balancing issuessonofcoco01/09/2013 15:290
70296 Warfare BE CORE EditionBugNewNormalSpawning inside objectssonofcoco01/11/2013 13:090
70298 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalGps within veh'ssonofcoco01/18/2013 01:520
69402 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalDisable global markerssonofcocoRadioman12/28/2012 13:380.6v0
32771 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalFeatureNewNormalZombie hit causes diseases/infectionSonsalt08/13/2012 11:171
21785 A.C.E. for OAFeatureNewNormalshooting tiresSonsalt12/18/2012 18:38Arma 34
18838 A.C.E. for OATaskNewNormalMissing weapon layoutsSonsalt12/18/2012 20:20Model requests5
39028 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormalGraphical texture errorSonsalt07/28/2012 20:340
31640 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalFeatureNewNormalBalancing Bandits killing New Survivors on the coastSonsalt06/21/2012 09:010
21282 Addon Sync 2009BugNewUrgentChecking "Servers without mods" in OASoNumbYoma08/04/2011 04:14Queryaddons.exe integration2
34317 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormal[] stashes disappearSorryImDrunk06/25/2012 08:450
29611 TCG Island LifeBugNewLowPolice Support Van not in PD car shopSoucy04/01/2012 06:500
37211 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormal[] Spawning in Debug Forest but not fixed after relog - (Ghillie Suit-No Items) then (Items but No Ghillie Suit)SoulBakna07/17/2012 07:460
12583 Addon Sync 2009SupportResolvedNormalAddon Sync 2009 wont installsoulred03/10/2011 23:52Installation1
15944 Mission Support SystemSupportIn progressNormalCreate website for documentation and display of the projectsowenssowens12/21/2010 05:27Documentation0
16439 Mission Support SystemTaskNewNormalCreate Takistan version of [MSS]sowenssowens01/04/2011 16:27Mission MapsRC 0.05 (Beta)0
16440 Mission Support SystemTaskNewNormalCode Clean Upsowenssowens01/04/2011 16:33DocumentationRC 0.05 (Beta)0
15994 Mission Support SystemFeatureIn progressLowChange Caches to allow different types of intel itemssowenssowens01/06/2011 01:52Primary Mission SystemFuture Release0
73637 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormalSound Glitch in certain brushSp1nn3y01/04/2014 01:190
25314 Arma2MySQLBugNewNormalSplit issue (Index out of range exception)sparcdrfirefly244201/19/2012 09:04Arma2MySQL0
25281 Arma2MySQLBugNewNormal(SQF) Empty procedures and dead pipesparcdrfirefly244201/19/2012 09:04Arma2MySQL0
75832 Community Upgrade ProjectBugFeedbackNormalMagazine Mass config for "CUP_30Rnd_762x39_AK47_M"Sparfell_19Kllrt12/26/2014 00:33Infantry Weapons0
44460 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugNewNormalBicycle can not be re-entered after having fallen oversparks5009/09/2012 19:592
74439 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerFeatureNewNormalAlive War Room Map Zoom by continent featureSpartan05/12/2014 09:32Other-1
35119 WASPFeatureNewNormalWoodland camo on ChernoSpayker07/08/2012 16:080
14409 Warfare BEFeatureNewNormalUpgratable town occupationSpayker09/07/2011 03:3916
35125 WASPFeatureNewNormalReworked cam's areasSpayker06/27/2012 18:300
25172 Warfare BETaskFeedbackNormalResistance vehiecles has your colour side on the radarSpaykerBenny10/19/2011 09:251
19192 Warfare BEFeatureAssignedNormalQuick hiding option menuSpaykerBenny08/28/2011 13:390
35297 WASPBugResolvedNormalPlayers can sell buildings without com credentialsSpayker06/28/2012 20:360
13695 Warfare BEFeatureNewNormalMilitia upgradingSpayker08/28/2011 13:373
35538 WASPBugNewNormalGUI Spayker06/30/2012 11:110
25171 Warfare BETaskNewNormalGarbage collector for dropped weapon and ammoSpayker01/24/2012 22:08Future2
35114 WASPFeatureResolvedNormalExcept TK for base structures and MHQSpayker06/30/2012 14:370
35124 WASPFeatureNewNormalDifferent bounty for killed playerSpayker06/27/2012 18:250
35541 WASPFeatureNewNormalAdv. vote moduleSpayker06/30/2012 11:530
36375 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugResolvedNormal[1.7.2] Hyper-sensitive ZombiesSpazTasticSA07/10/2012 11:130
30445 Wasteland Survival SandboxFeatureNewNormalRandom camps/outpostsSpearhead05/24/2012 07:580
35482 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormal[] Zombies span inside buildings on top of lootSpectral07/09/2012 12:260
35484 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormal[] Unlimited gear in vehicleSpectral06/29/2012 17:520
35485 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormal[] Crowbar is VERY nerfedSpectral06/30/2012 12:560
20473 A.C.E. for OATaskNewLowLAV-25 Changes/AlterationsSpectreRSG12/18/2012 19:44Model requests19
13283 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerFeatureAssignedNormalLaser Designator/SOFLAM IR BeamSpectreRSG09/15/2012 17:44Weapons9
75512 Combat Space EnhancementBugNewNormalRadial Menu ALiVE don't workSPG10/30/2014 14:45ALiVE Compatability0
7555 VFFPSS projectBugResolvedNormalMissing filesSphinX01/03/2010 15:040
71149 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormal[] Magazine can still be refreshedSpider03/01/2013 14:530
71125 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormalBodies disappearing immediately after deathSpider02/28/2013 08:010
104 SPON RecogniseBugNewNormal[ACE] Recognise can be used as an exploit in order to detect if an unconscious soldier is deadSpoonerSpooner02/03/2009 05:07Compatibility0
2881 Community Base AddonsBugNewNormalYAML parser always assumes stringsSpooner05/04/2010 09:15Misc FunctionsFuture0
367 SPON CoreFeatureResolvedNormalYAML parserSpoonerSpooner03/21/2009 01:08YAMLv0.6.00
749 SPON MapBugAssignedLowWindows not aligned with top of screen [SP]SpoonerSpooner06/16/2009 00:21Eventually0
341 SPON MoneyFeatureAssignedNormalWay to find out bank and cash balanceSpoonerSpooner03/10/2009 00:38Bankingv0.2.00
471 SPON MapFeatureNewNormalView group membersSpoonerSpooner03/16/2009 15:540
2260 Community Base AddonsFeatureAssignedNormalUse YAML, not config for user data.Spooner05/04/2010 09:17Future2
636 SPON MapFeatureFeedbackNormalUpdate notepad body separate from titleSpoonerSpooner06/16/2009 00:21Eventually0
2313 Community Base AddonsFeatureFeedbackNormalUI autopackerSpooner09/07/2009 19:36GUI0
2571 Community Base AddonsFeatureAssignedNormaltrimRight,trimLeft,trim should allow trimming of any character and accept ascii chars.Spooner01/21/2010 16:05String functionsFuture0
349 SPON MoneyFeatureAssignedNormalTransfer money to another playerSpoonerSpooner06/23/2009 01:58Bankingv0.2.00
303 SPON MapFeatureNewNormalTracker script integrationSpooner03/05/2009 21:420
237 SPON DynamicTerrainBugNewNormalTiles not detected by intersect commandSpooner03/01/2009 16:22Terrain tile0
245 SPON DynamicTerrainBugAssignedNormalTiles are types of "house"Spooner03/01/2009 16:22Terrain tile0.1.00
235 SPON DynamicTerrainBugFeedbackNormalTexture on tiles is unaffected by lightingSpooner03/01/2009 16:23Terrain tile0.1.00
2538 Community Base AddonsFeatureAssignedNormalSupport design by contractSpooner01/21/2010 16:04Diagnostic functionsFuture2
2723 Community Base AddonsFeatureAssignedNormalString wrapSpooner05/04/2010 09:17String functionsFuture0

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