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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version Votes Affected Version
537 SPON RearViewFeatureAssignedNormalAllow vehicle config to override the defaultsSpoonerSpooner03/18/2009 04:31v0.4.00
538 SPON CoreFeatureResolvedNormalIncorporate ArmAlibSpoonerSpooner03/27/2009 16:59v0.6.00
540 SPON MapFeatureFeedbackNormalNotes to self.SpoonerSpooner03/18/2009 05:060
543 SPON MapBugNewLowSPON Map notes section overlaps with SPON Map menu for default value.kjuSpooner03/18/2009 13:140
544 SPON MapFeatureAssignedNormalMinimise windowskjuSpooner06/16/2009 00:21Eventually0
545 SPON MapFeatureAssignedLowCTRL + FX is hard to press, LMB + FX instead?kjuSpooner06/16/2009 00:21Eventually0
546 SPON MapFeatureFeedbackLowEmpty mode for grid modekjuSpooner03/18/2009 13:330
548 SPON MapSupportNewLowHot-keys for buttonskjuSpooner03/18/2009 13:370
551 SPON MapFeatureNewNormalPossible to have multiline marker descriptions?kjuSpooner03/18/2009 13:540
566 Addon Sync 2009FeatureNewLowOffer some filter "templates" for gamespy by default.kju05/15/2009 13:42Gamespy0
574 Addon Sync 2009BugNewLowChange naming "armedass and arma2" to "a1 and a2".kjuYoma12/11/2009 08:22Server1
586 Addon Sync 2009FeatureNewNormalNo non recursive diff possible on none folder leaves.kjuYoma05/15/2009 13:38Download0
588 DevHeaven (Only site issues)BugNewNormalAssigning tickets to more than one userXenoSickboy01/19/2012 10:512
618 SPON MapTaskAssignedNormalMake iconsSpoonerSpooner06/16/2009 00:21Eventually0
619 SPON MapFeatureNewNormalLimit map areaSpoonerSpooner03/19/2009 18:340
620 SPON MapTaskFeedbackNormalSort out hotkeysSpoonerSpooner06/16/2009 00:21Eventually0
621 SPON CoreBugAssignedLowOffer tag-free macrosSpoonerSpooner03/21/2009 01:08v0.6.00
622 SPON MapFeatureFeedbackNormalPlayer-configurable GPSSpoonerSpooner03/19/2009 22:010
632 Addon Sync 2009FeatureFeedbackNormalserver-download addons: more info about modified files possible?kjuYoma05/15/2009 13:32Download0
636 SPON MapFeatureFeedbackNormalUpdate notepad body separate from titleSpoonerSpooner06/16/2009 00:21Eventually0
655 SPON CoreBugAssignedNormalRemoving key handlers requires recording too much infoSpoonerSpooner03/21/2009 01:04v0.6.00
656 SPON CoreFeatureAssignedNormalAllow all-key handlersSpoonerSpooner03/21/2009 01:04v0.6.00
657 SPON CoreTaskAssignedNormalConvert key-event-handlers to SPON_assocSpoonerSpooner03/21/2009 01:04v0.6.00
662 SPON MoneyFeatureAssignedNormalGet fined for killing civiliansSpoonerSpooner03/20/2009 22:43v0.2.00
664 SPON CoreFeatureAssignedNormalAllow key handlers to utilise actionkeys directly (and update them)SpoonerSpooner03/21/2009 01:02v0.6.00
665 SPON CoreBugAssignedNormalPretty output of an arraySpoonerSpooner03/21/2009 01:29v0.6.00
684 SPON CoreBugAssignedHighPlayers/AI spawning inside vehicles not added to SPON_menSpoonerSpooner03/21/2009 15:580
711 SPON DynamicTerrainTaskAssignedHighMove DT demo mission into main SPON repositorySpoonerSpooner03/23/2009 16:220
713 SPON MapBugAssignedNormalStill get a notification of marker placement even if marker is not for that personSpoonerSpooner06/16/2009 00:21Eventually0
715 DevHeaven (Only site issues)BugNewNormalReporter able to set "Target Version"Squelch03/24/2009 20:02Issue tracking0
720 SPON KitsFeatureAssignedNormalRead loadout from YAML fileSpoonerSpooner03/25/2009 03:37v0.2.00
721 SPON KitsFeatureAssignedNormalLoad ACE rucksack itemsSpoonerSpooner03/25/2009 03:37v0.2.00
722 SPON KitsFeatureAssignedNormalInherit loadoutsSpoonerSpooner03/25/2009 04:19v0.2.00
723 SPON KitsFeatureAssignedNormalSimple kit switching dialogSpoonerSpooner03/25/2009 03:38v0.2.00
724 SPON RearViewFeatureAssignedNormalAdd camera view for M1 AbramsSpoonerSpooner03/25/2009 03:53v0.4.00
725 SPON KitsFeatureAssignedNormalAutocheckSpoonerSpooner03/25/2009 04:18v0.2.00
732 SPON MoneyFeatureAssignedNormalDefinable shop/bank name and action textSpoonerSpooner03/25/2009 17:23Shopping0
735 SPON MapFeatureNewLowResize map for different ratioskjuSpooner03/26/2009 15:040
736 Warface (formerly WACO)TaskNewNormal32 players support on SaraEagleoneDoomguy11/15/2010 19:430
738 RollerFeatureNewNormalStitch single textures to one big SAT.kjuSpooner04/15/2009 10:100
741 SPON MapFeatureFeedbackNormalShow server versions for SPON componentsSpoonerSpooner06/16/2009 00:21Eventually0
746 SPON MapFeatureNewLowInterface to see and switch custom create IM channelskjuSpooner03/27/2009 19:190
749 SPON MapBugAssignedLowWindows not aligned with top of screen [SP]SpoonerSpooner06/16/2009 00:21Eventually0
750 SPON MapBugAssignedLowFocused control is always on topSpoonerSpooner06/16/2009 00:21Eventually0
766 OAC ProjectBugNewNormalX09BPilotDown.CAIN CWC campaign - During intro cut scene warning received kju04/11/2010 07:19CWC campaign0
767 OAC ProjectBugFeedbackNormalSound levels for parts of the conversations are very quiet). kju11/08/2009 16:35General0
773 SPON MapBugAssignedNormalMap still available when zoomed inSpoonerSpooner03/29/2009 20:24Eventually0
807 RollerBugFeedbackNormalwrong file with "-x"the-fSpooner04/03/2009 15:140
818 SPON CoreSupportNewNormalAdd manual to wikii0n0sSpooner04/03/2009 18:300
831 Addon Sync 2009BugNewLowApplication cannot read or display crilic letters correctly it seems.kjuYoma05/15/2009 13:25Gamespy0

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