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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version Votes Affected Version
76644 TacBFBugFeedbackUrgentFix Taliban units uniforms to handle more magsDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball07/06/2016 10:20Configs3.220
76650 TacBFBugAssignedHighPorto: trailers disappear upon attaching/drivingsyntaxDr_Eyeball07/06/2016 10:19Missions3.230
76653 TacBFFeatureAssignedHighSurrender voteDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball07/05/2016 14:03Gameplay3.220
76649 TacBFFeatureNewHighspectator feature for game adminssyntaxDr_Eyeball07/01/2016 21:00Admin3.220
76648 TacBFFeatureNewNormalInvestigate ACE3 integrationDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/30/2016 14:50Addons support0
74693 TacBFFeatureAssignedHighAdd Admin dialog to allow changing all mission params, like weather, etc. during game.Dr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/28/2016 14:57Admin3.230
76645 TacBFBugAssignedHighMenu: Add "Place explosives" optionDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/28/2016 14:44Gameplay3.220
75389 TacBFFeatureResolvedNormalAllow FOs to be built in zones in A&DLeondorDr_Eyeball06/28/2016 13:02Deployable (Sandbag,RP,HO,FO)0
75823 TacBFBugAssignedTrivialSometimes map icon hints do not work.Dr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/28/2016 12:45Map / Markers0
73034 TacBFBugAssignedNormalAlt+clicking existing WP doesn't set WP type properlyDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/28/2016 12:11UI/Menus/Dialogs/HUD0
76643 TacBFBugNewHighhot key in tacbfsyntaxDr_Eyeball06/28/2016 12:01Gameplay3.220
74194 TacBFBugResolvedHighSqd Mgt: Sub-ord cannot set his own FTDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/28/2016 11:47Squad Management0
74187 TacBFBugAssignedTrivial[Easy] TFR: vehicle radio freq is not reset upon exiting vehicleDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/28/2016 11:46Communications0
74196 TacBFBugResolvedHigh[Easy] Upon creating a squad WP, notify squad.Dr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/28/2016 11:20Gameplay0
76642 TacBFBugAssignedNormalIEDs do not always injure nearby playersDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/28/2016 07:54Gameplay0
76639 TacBFFeatureAssignedHigh[Easy] Show msg: map-voting won't start missionDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/28/2016 05:37UI/Menus/Dialogs/HUD3.220
76049 TacBFBugAssignedNormalTunnel Entrances can't be blocked [3.10.1]LeondorDr_Eyeball06/28/2016 05:31Deployable (Sandbag,RP,HO,FO)0
76641 TacBFFeatureAssignedNormalRoles dlg: show kits of squadDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/28/2016 05:30Armaments & Roles0
76630 TacBFBugAssignedLowAttached trailers disappear into the ground (on Porto)syntaxDr_Eyeball06/28/2016 02:48Missions0
73412 TacBFFeatureNewNormalSoppa: disable vehicle simulation for far away vehicles.Dr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/28/2016 02:35Optimisation3
73411 TacBFFeatureIn progressNormalHUD optimisation: use onEachFrame for drawing fast repeated updates, like name tags, squad HUDDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/27/2016 16:23Gameplay0
74426 TacBFFeatureNewNormal[Major] Add the ability for the presence of zoneObjects in a zone to be required for capture [new "Occupancy" and "Convoy" Gamemodes]madrabbit06/27/2016 14:45Game modes0
76202 TacBFTaskNewLowRemove dependency on CBAAdantehAdanteh06/27/2016 13:58Addons support0
74142 TacBFBugAssignedNormalGear: Provide config settings for all gear item count limits (eg: 3 AP Mines)Dr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/27/2016 13:22Armaments & Roles1
73196 TacBFBugFeedbackNormalDouble amount of the contents of the Medic supply pack on respawn as a medic [3.0.38]LeondorDr_Eyeball06/27/2016 13:20Armaments & Roles0
75878 TacBFFeatureAssignedNormalBriefing: auto detect mission features, like FO,RP/HO,MW's,Dr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/27/2016 13:09Gameplay0
76244 TacBFBugResolvedLowMessages about the number of tickets left always show an incorrect side [3.12]LeondorDr_Eyeball06/27/2016 12:57UI/Menus/Dialogs/HUD0
75582 TacBFBugAssignedLowSometimes you get stuck in the drag animation at the start of the animation [3.9.2 RC2]LeondorAdanteh06/27/2016 00:59Medic system0
75535 TacBFBugAssignedNormalNon-SLs often receive squad join requests.LeondorDr_Eyeball06/27/2016 00:59Squad Management0
74198 TacBFFeatureAssignedNormalReduce marker font size (replace markers with location obj's); plus Map related changesDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/27/2016 00:57UI/Menus/Dialogs/HUD0

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