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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version Votes Affected Version
345 SPON MoneyBugAssignedNormalError when ammo boxes for saleSpoonerSpooner03/10/2009 00:36Shoppingv0.2.00
342 SPON MoneyFeatureAssignedNormalFilter items in shopSpoonerSpooner03/10/2009 00:36Shoppingv0.2.00
339 SPON MoneyFeatureAssignedNormalHire soldiersSpoonerSpooner03/10/2009 00:36Shoppingv0.2.00
337 SPON MoneyBugAssignedNormalPlayers can't carry binocs + LD at same time.SpoonerSpooner03/10/2009 00:36Shoppingv0.2.00
348 SPON MoneyFeatureAssignedNormalSell own vehiclesSpoonerSpooner03/10/2009 00:36Shoppingv0.2.00
340 SPON MoneyFeatureAssignedNormalStack items in shop dialogSpoonerSpooner03/10/2009 00:36Shoppingv0.2.00
351 SPON MoneyBugNewNormalBuy/sell abstract itemsSpoonerSpooner03/10/2009 00:36Shopping0
338 SPON MoneyBugAssignedNormalBank balance not restored when reconnectingSpoonerSpooner03/10/2009 00:37Bankingv0.2.00
344 SPON MoneyFeatureNewNormalBank balance stored in databaseSpoonerSpooner03/10/2009 00:37Banking0
335 SPON MoneyFeatureAssignedNormalCollect bounties for enemy casualtiesSpoonerSpooner03/10/2009 00:37Bankingv0.2.00
343 SPON MoneyFeatureAssignedNormalLoot corpses of moneySpoonerSpooner03/10/2009 00:37Bankingv0.2.00
336 SPON MoneyFeatureAssignedNormalPersonal lockersSpoonerSpooner03/10/2009 00:38Lockersv0.2.00
341 SPON MoneyFeatureAssignedNormalWay to find out bank and cash balanceSpoonerSpooner03/10/2009 00:38Bankingv0.2.00
283 SPON MapFeatureNewNormalAbility to put a marker with LMB click in the 'Grid mode'kju03/10/2009 16:420
256 SPON MapBugAssignedNormalDrawings are not easily selectableSpoonerSpooner03/10/2009 16:42Eventually0
263 SPON MapFeatureAssignedNormalSerialise map information to load laterSpoonerSpooner03/10/2009 16:42Eventually0
285 SPON MapFeatureNewNormalSupport more than default 6 colours [Addon]kju03/10/2009 16:420
293 SPON MapFeatureAssignedNormalAdd filter options in log modekjuSpooner03/10/2009 16:42Eventually0
141 SPON MapFeatureNewNormalShow time in map marker textSpooner03/10/2009 16:440
317 SPON MapFeatureNewNormalAdvanced watchSpooner03/10/2009 16:480
289 SPON MapFeatureNewNormalAdd mission time as part of SPON Map GUIkju03/10/2009 16:490
361 SPON MoneyBugAssignedNormal"bleh" message when looking in shopSpoonerSpooner03/11/2009 01:16Shoppingv0.2.00
362 SPON MoneyFeatureAssignedNormalExport weapons, ammo and vehicle class listSpoonerSpooner03/11/2009 01:18Shoppingv0.2.00
363 SPON CoreFeatureAssignedNormalAllow filtering in debug logSpoonerSpooner03/11/2009 04:23Debug log0
365 SPON CoreBugAssignedNormalServerside debug log brokenSpoonerSpooner03/11/2009 04:27Debug logv0.6.00
366 SPON CoreFeatureAssignedNormalCreate separate schema pbosSpoonerSpooner03/11/2009 04:31GUIv0.6.00
379 SPON MapFeatureNewLowDirection indicator of the selected marker in the log.kjuSpooner03/11/2009 22:220
382 SPON MapFeatureNewLowAdd time tag to IM message.kjuSpooner03/11/2009 22:420
395 SPON MoneyFeatureAssignedNormalBuy SPON KitSpoonerSpooner03/12/2009 01:490
396 SPON MoneyFeatureAssignedNormalConvert to addonSpoonerSpooner03/12/2009 01:50v0.2.00

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