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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version Votes Affected Version
75279 All in ArmaBugAssignedNormalInvalid move ManStanceUndefined in action stance.kjukju09/26/2014 08:13Next release0
72006 All in ArmaFeatureIn progressUrgentMake A2/OA to use A3 effects.kju11/04/2013 13:36Next release6
21916 A&S ProMode (OA)FeatureAssignedImmediateMake the game mode playable in SP.kju09/01/2011 20:32Next release1
75824 Community Upgrade ProjectBugNewHighMissing strings.kjuAlwarren03/09/2015 18:39Infantry WeaponsNext Release0
75061 All in ArmaTaskAssignedHighMove all non terrain related config code to a different config.kjukju08/26/2014 13:34Next release0
75046 All in ArmaBugAssignedUrgentNo footstep sounds on some places in Chernaruskevb0kju08/24/2014 16:33Next release0
75339 Combat Space EnhancementFeatureAssignedNormalNo Full Heal ZoneTheMglowbal11/14/2014 22:40sys_medicalNext Release0
19424 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugResolvedNormalOld style material flags used ...kju05/07/2011 20:06Next release0
75861 Combat Space EnhancementBugAssignedNormalPlayers starting in vehicles have their ammo counts hidden when hideAmmoValues is usedscarletbannerglowbal12/31/2014 09:07sys_equipmentNext Release0
75769 Community Upgrade ProjectBugAssignedImmediatePossible clash of model.cfg names between CUP and Arma 3Varanonkju03/09/2015 18:41Infantry WeaponsNext Release0
75262 All in ArmaTaskAssignedHighProvide an optional pbo to revert back to standard Chernarus clutter/grass.kjukju09/24/2014 08:12Next release0
75689 Community Upgrade ProjectTaskFeedbackHighProvide missing magazine and weapon classes or missing in mapping.kju03/09/2015 18:42Infantry WeaponsNext Release0
476 SPON ScubaBugAssignedUrgentRandom crashesSpoonerSpooner03/17/2009 01:21Next release0
26897 Advanced Unit Capture and Playback functionsFeatureAssignedNormalRecord turret movementMikhailMikhail12/07/2011 06:24Arma ScriptingNext release0
22894 A&S ProMode (OA)TaskAssignedNormalRefactor the AI vehicle respawn and cleanup handling.kju07/28/2011 10:57Next release0
19396 VME PLA for ARMA 2TaskResolvedNormalRename vem_pla_eq2050 container to vme_pla_eq2050kju05/07/2011 20:06Next release0
75658 Community Upgrade ProjectTaskAssignedHighReview scope definitions.kjuAlwarren03/09/2015 18:44Infantry WeaponsNext Release0
75026 All in ArmaBugIn progressNormalSahrani pumpjacks don't animate.zx64kju08/30/2014 16:52Next release0
4964 Vehicle DMBugFeedbackHighsame spawn pointT-Bonekju10/03/2009 06:13Next release0
19591 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugResolvedNormalSelection missing in CfgModels - class wz10kju05/07/2011 20:07Next release0
19593 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugResolvedNormalSelection missing in CfgModels - class zsukju05/07/2011 20:07Next release0
19502 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugResolvedNormalSelection missing in CfgModels - jh7bkju05/07/2011 20:07Next release0
19503 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugResolvedNormalSelection missing in CfgModels - zbl09kju05/07/2011 20:07Next release0
26894 Advanced Unit Capture and Playback functionsTaskNewNormalSeparate BIforum topic for this projectMikhailMikhail12/07/2011 06:18AdministrativeNext release0
26895 Advanced Unit Capture and Playback functionsTaskResolvedHighSetup versionsMikhailMikhail12/07/2011 06:18AdministrativeNext release0
76087 Community Upgrade ProjectBugResolvedHighSPG-9 Behaves like wire-guided ATGMSatireEvroMalarkey03/15/2015 14:04Wheeled VehiclesNext Release0
19423 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugResolvedNormalStrange convex component vme_pla_sx2190.p3d/vme_pla_sx2190refuel.p3d geometryFirekju05/11/2011 06:44Next release0
75718 Combat Space EnhancementBugAssignedNormalUnit walks very slowly, although CMS doesn't show any injuriesThomasglowbal11/29/2014 10:21sys_medicalNext Release1
19387 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugResolvedNormalvme_pla_sx2190: MainTurret - unknown animation source mainTurretkju05/07/2011 20:07Next release0
19386 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugResolvedNormalvme_pla_sx2190Refuel: MainTurret - unknown animation source mainTurretkju05/07/2011 20:07Next release0

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