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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version Votes Affected Version
25859 TOH Community Issue TrackerBugAssignedNormalBlurry screen exiting Video Options in MultiplayerDirTyDeeDsDwarden03/23/2012 11:419
76707 ArmA 3: ALiVEBugNewNormalBLU_GEN_F seems to not working13dagger10/21/2016 23:350
74595 Iron Front in Arma - Issue TrackerBugFeedbackNormalBm-13 ballistic calculator is not workingTierprotTierprot06/29/2014 07:09Config1
28290 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugFeedbackHighBMP-2 facing away turns its turret in 2 seconds and fires at enemy vehicle that is as far as 1.378km away.maturinDwarden11/14/2012 07:51AI Issues1.63 BETA7
71144 Arma 2: Community Configuration ProjectBugResolvedNormalBMP-2 HQ Taki with only 2 smoke shells compared to 6 smoke shells like on BMP-2 HQ CDF/InsGroove_CGoliath8605/29/2015 08:07Next full patch4
67705 Arma 2: Community Configuration ProjectBugResolvedNormalBMP-2/BTR-90 HQ gunner/commander can not switch to driver seatGroove_CGoliath8606/15/2015 18:10Next full patch6
71732 All in ArmaBugFeedbackHighBMP3 body texture animates with the tracksteaCup08/19/2013 10:35Requires model rework6
23418 Isla DualaBugNewLowBoabab/aloe treesIceBreakr10/10/2012 09:010
35174 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormalBoathouse loot is sometimes inaccessiblevfig06/27/2012 22:480
62141 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugNewNormalBoats have no inventory space what so ever yet they have Gear menu optionSa-Matra11/27/2012 11:58Config7
71125 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormalBodies disappearing immediately after deathSpider02/28/2013 08:010
32508 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormalBody temperature decreases rapidly while in boatscarbonfreeze07/30/2012 16:561
7610 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugAssignedNormalbolt assembly works not for all weaponsbensdale08/06/2012 15:36Model35
34689 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormalBolt shot higher than Iron Sights when using the Crossbow.cH053n06/26/2012 15:380
46056 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugAssignedNormalBombs are "homing" onto the targetkju12/07/2012 14:50Weapons10
71649 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugNewNormalBorderless Window / Fullscreen WindowedMainframe04/10/2013 22:26Gameplay0
12170 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugAssignedNormalBoth gunner's death animation of the HMMWV SOV buggy PauliesssDwarden07/31/2012 17:41AnimationsUpcoming version18
18423 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugAssignedNormalBoth IR Marker Strobe and IR Target Strobe appear as laser targetsLonestarDwarden07/24/2012 17:43Weapons1.63 BETA18
20826 DevHeaven (Only site issues)BugIn progressLowBots filter plugin blocks external access apiSickboySickboy06/26/2011 17:100
346 SPON MoneyBugAssignedNormalBought vehicles should appear at specific positionSpoonerSpooner03/10/2009 00:36Shoppingv0.2.00
37570 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugAssignedNormalBradley TOW launcher is incorrectly named.Radioman08/19/2012 06:59Localisation2
67535 Arma 2: Community Configuration ProjectBugFeedbackNormalBRDM ATGM ROF too fastRadiomanRadioman09/06/2013 14:065
18388 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugAssignedNormalBRDM2 cargo anims bugbadgerDwarden04/01/2011 12:43Model0
29226 TOH Community Issue TrackerBugAssignedNormalBridge modelling error - grid 094-095/063 SeattleOMAC03/20/2012 00:46World1
16100 FallujahBugNewNormalBridgesFusion05/12/2011 12:031
71220 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormalBritish assault pack exploding animation upon being shotStarf1sh03/08/2013 15:331
27207 SIX Config BrowserBugAssignedNormalBroken config or broken parser?TeTeTSickboy12/20/2011 07:430
4460 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugAssignedNormalBroken Group RespawnlwloozDwarden07/25/2012 04:54Multiplayer18
34524 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormalBroken leg movement restored on load.sakke06/27/2012 09:060
34132 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormalBroken leg while proning over gap in Bay Nishnayalecycliste06/21/2012 18:440

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