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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version Votes Affected Version
73657 TacBFFeatureAssignedNormalIncrease the respawn timer if player hits Esc > Respawn while not being incapacitated.LeondorDr_Eyeball02/27/2014 11:11Respawn dialog/Base Deployment0
73632 TacBFBugNewLow[Exploit] Enemy vehicles close to respawn location get shown on Deployment screen [3.2]LeondorDr_Eyeball01/02/2014 11:41Respawn dialog/Base Deployment0
73602 TacBFFeatureNewNormalAllow MRAPS and trucks to be repaired by armour repair containers.LeondorDr_Eyeball12/31/2013 19:22Vehicle maintenance0
73598 TacBFFeatureNewNormalUse mini-grenades instead of the regular grenadesLeondorDr_Eyeball01/15/2014 03:04Gameplay0
73593 TacBFBugAssignedNormalIf the player faces a vehicle when deploying an FO container, the FO deploys under the vehicle and may detonate the vehicle [v3.2]SwedgeDr_Eyeball01/09/2014 13:11Deployable (Sandbag,RP,HO,FO)1
73590 TacBFBugNewNormalMission rounds do not end correctly [v3.2]madrabbitDr_Eyeball12/29/2013 17:01Missions0
73584 TacBFFeatureNewLowIncrease the armour/hit points of MRAPS.LeondorDr_Eyeball12/30/2013 00:01Gameplay0
73562 TacBFBugAssignedTrivial[Easy] Attached trailer too high above ground (with engine on)LeondorDr_Eyeball10/20/2014 12:40Models/objects/compositions0
73547 TacBFBugAssignedNormalRespawn dialog list needs to be regenerated periodically [v3.2]madrabbitDr_Eyeball11/12/2014 10:28Respawn dialog/Base Deployment3.10.00
73541 TacBFFeatureNewNormalRequest: Instant gear limitation feedback in armaments dialogAdantehDr_Eyeball01/09/2014 20:44Armaments & Roles1
73540 TacBFFeatureAssignedNormalRequest: Control over maximum amount of gear for all types, per role and with 'groups' of gear.AdantehDr_Eyeball01/01/2014 17:19Armaments & Roles2
73472 TacBFFeatureFeedbackNormalReplace the cache marker with a circle, which size is dependant on an amount of intel gathered. LeondorDr_Eyeball03/01/2014 11:54Gameplay0
73438 TacBFFeatureNewTrivialMultiple Waypoint for PilotsHurtzDr_Eyeball10/02/2014 09:23UI/Menus/Dialogs/HUD1
73425 TacBFBugNewNormalMaking a waypoint for a squad as commander, creates ~50 waypoints [3.1]LeondorDr_Eyeball12/11/2013 02:28Commander mode0
73412 TacBFFeatureNewNormalSoppa: disable vehicle simulation for far away vehicles.Dr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/28/2016 02:35Optimisation3
73411 TacBFFeatureIn progressNormalHUD optimisation: use onEachFrame for drawing fast repeated updates, like name tags, squad HUDDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/27/2016 16:23Gameplay0
73380 TacBFBugAssignedLowMinor: Detach airlift cable - duplicate action menu option appearsDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball12/06/2013 09:15Gameplay0
73375 TacBFBugFeedbackNormalIn-game TacBF Help page not up-to-dateCh3v4l13rDr_Eyeball02/23/2014 00:33UI/Menus/Dialogs/HUD0
73349 TacBFBugAssignedNormalMortar fire solution computer doesnt workCh3v4l13rDr_Eyeball03/05/2014 17:46Artillery/Mortar HUD/system3
73342 TacBFBugAssignedNormalCargo/FO containers do not indicate when they are damaged and just disappearDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball12/02/2013 16:13Cargo system1
73337 TacBFFeatureAssignedTrivialReplace onMapSingleClick with mouse click EH Dr_EyeballDr_Eyeball12/02/2013 05:44UI/Menus/Dialogs/HUD0
73327 TacBFBugAssignedLowprovide ammo boxes instead of pallets for vehicle MW HMGDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball12/01/2013 20:00Vehicle maintenance0
73326 TacBFBugFeedbackLowDisable Switch Seats in attack heli (& others?)Dr_EyeballDr_Eyeball01/25/2015 14:35Gameplay0
73324 TacBFFeatureAssignedNormalAllow all sides to be used in mod - including IND, CIV.Dr_EyeballDr_Eyeball12/01/2013 13:36Gameplay0
73310 TacBFFeatureAssignedLowadd default loadout cleverlyDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball12/01/2013 08:37Armaments & Roles0
73309 TacBFFeatureAssignedLowConvert cargo system vehicle/object data into the new cfg settingsDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball12/01/2013 07:49Configs0
73307 TacBFBugFeedbackNormalMissile count limits on attack choppersDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball02/11/2014 22:37Vehicle maintenance3
73303 TacBFBugFeedbackNormalMortar still uses Vanilla Artillery computerCh3v4l13rDr_Eyeball10/02/2014 19:52Gameplay1
73297 TacBFFeatureAssignedNormalOrders/WP system: create "single WP" system (optional usage)Dr_EyeballDr_Eyeball11/30/2013 07:57Commander mode0
73296 TacBFFeatureAssignedTrivialVBIED: change explosives sourceDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball02/17/2014 17:15Gameplay0

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