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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version Votes Affected Version
74619 TacBFFeatureFeedbackLowAdd loadout preview to Roles dialogDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball10/19/2014 20:12Armaments & Roles0
74633 TacBFFeatureFeedbackLowAllow empty backpack contents to be specified via defaultGear files.Dr_EyeballDr_Eyeball11/11/2014 15:08Armaments & Roles0
74680 TacBFFeatureFeedbackLowHO's: allow HO's to be chosen via the map from the base, if far enough from the front line.Dr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/20/2014 04:19Deployable (Sandbag,RP,HO,FO)0
73411 TacBFFeatureIn progressNormalHUD optimisation: use onEachFrame for drawing fast repeated updates, like name tags, squad HUDDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/27/2016 16:23Gameplay0
73724 TacBFFeatureIn progressHighIn S&D, spawn civ/RES vehicles dependent on local presence of HO's/caches/TE's.Dr_EyeballDr_Eyeball12/22/2014 09:21Game modes0
73931 TacBFFeatureIn progressHigh[Medium] Gear: provide settings to allow missions to override gear rolesDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball03/06/2014 05:24Armaments & Roles0
76279 TacBFFeatureIn progressNormalendGame: A&S winner: tickets vs zones heldDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball06/30/2015 03:49Game modes0
76657 TacBFFeatureIn progressHighAuto-balanceDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball08/12/2016 07:38Gameplay3.230
73693 TacBFTaskNewTrivialCode: use BIS_fnc_param throughoutDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball01/10/2014 04:48Code0
3365 DevastationTaskAssignedHighUse mission parameters/configuration fileDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball08/06/2009 07:18Game parameters0
9370 DevastationTaskAssignedHighConvert into addonDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball03/10/2010 20:53Game parametersv2.01
72904 TacBFTaskAssignedNormalWrite a addNearbyScore functionDr_EyeballDr_Eyeball11/30/2013 07:43Scoring/Penalties & Scoreboard0
72162 Community Base AddonsTaskAssignedNormalAllow return nil to menu sourceDystopianDr_Eyeball07/01/2013 05:550
72208 TacBFBugNewNormalSling stays in place where crate my moveHoovesDr_Eyeball10/18/2013 20:42Cargo system-1
73002 TacBFBugFeedbackNormalMod Set validation methodHurtzDr_Eyeball12/02/2013 15:45Addons support3
73438 TacBFFeatureNewTrivialMultiple Waypoint for PilotsHurtzDr_Eyeball10/02/2014 09:23UI/Menus/Dialogs/HUD1
73761 TacBFFeatureNewTrivialShow names text color for squad leaderHurtzDr_Eyeball10/20/2014 20:04Configs0
4127 DevastationBugNewNormalDriving a vehicle into water counts as a teamkillkjuDr_Eyeball08/29/2009 17:53Scoring0
4133 DevastationBugNewNormalObjects in cargo of a vehicle do not get respawnedkjuDr_Eyeball09/22/2009 13:24Respawningbeta v0.60
4137 DevastationBugNewNormalQuick respawn vehicles / units killed inside their safe zone.kjuDr_Eyeball08/29/2009 18:18Gameplaybeta v0.60
4138 DevastationBugNewNormalYou can enter enemy outpost area - intentional?kjuDr_Eyeball08/29/2009 18:19Game parametersbeta v0.60
4139 DevastationBugNewNormalAT soldier selected yet no AT as default equipment and not available at the create.kjuDr_Eyeball09/22/2009 13:22Class/Kit/Armaments dialogbeta v0.60
4142 DevastationBugNewNormalEmpty vehicles should spawn faster.kjuDr_Eyeball08/29/2009 18:29Gameplaybeta v0.60
4143 DevastationBugNewHighROE violation needs to be more severekjuDr_Eyeball08/29/2009 18:30Base Protectionbeta v0.60
2589 DevastationBugAssignedLowSpecial keys not workingkjuDr_Eyeball07/06/2009 05:29Key actions0
3594 DevastationBugAssignedNormalNeed HUD icon to indicate when you cannot secure a zonekjuDr_Eyeball08/29/2009 17:59Visual0
3596 DevastationBugAssignedUrgentRespawn at the truck beams you to safe respawn areakjuDr_Eyeball08/16/2009 00:03Respawning0
4121 DevastationBugResolvedNormalMake UI dialogs better readable.kjuDr_Eyeball01/23/2010 10:48Visualbeta v0.70
4134 DevastationBugResolvedNormalPressing and holding the I key the custom scoreboard flashes back in and outkjuDr_Eyeball01/23/2010 10:24Visualbeta v0.70
3584 DevastationBugFeedbackHighMission always start at 4:50kjuDr_Eyeball08/16/2009 00:420

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