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5455 PVP script packBugNewNormalanti-camp tags are not reliablesbsmac10/27/2009 18:593.000
5456 PVP script packBugNewNormalGame has been seen to crash on joinsbsmac11/05/2009 12:413.000
5493 PVP script packBugNewNormalside confusion with AIsbsmac11/05/2009 12:253.000
5549 prBFBugNewNormalno moving AI after disconnectingkondor10/31/2009 08:560
5669 PVP script packBugNewNormalserver/player logic can go wonky for hosted gamessbsmac11/14/2009 10:373.000
5817 PVP script packBugNewNormalscores are negative if you TKsbsmac11/13/2009 18:573.000
6089 PVP script packBugNewNormalFlyroute not flying over objectives.Luhgnut11/24/2009 05:283.000
6116 PVP script packBugNewNormalstrange flag-touch behaviour seensbsmac12/12/2009 15:270
6198 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalAI soldiers cannot go over the rice paddy objects.SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:150
6205 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalA6_bomb view pilot (view gunner too?) partial (you dont see airframe).SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:470
6206 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalAch47 back left gunnerview broken. gun works, view does not.SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:480
6207 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalAch47 back right gunnerview broken. gun works, view does not.SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:490
6208 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalAch47 no arma aim dot.SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:490
6212 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalCH-34 mg door is opaque.SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:520
6213 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalCH-34 sog door is opaque.SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:520
6214 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalCH-34 You can walk trough the cargo bay.SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:520
6215 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalCH-47 and ACH-47 cockpit glass is "tinted" badly.SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:520
6217 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalF5 view pilot partial (you dont see airframe).SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:520
6218 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalHuey Gunship sight doesn't align with ArmA's little aim dot.SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:530
6219 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalhuey ARA sight doesn't align with ArmA's little aim dot.SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:530
6221 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalM113 ACAV at main gun, you can't move back.SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:530
6225 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalM48 The Drivers feet are sticking out of the tank.SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:540
6226 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalM48 When the commander is turned out he seems to be in a strange body position.SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:550
6232 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalVC face not applied if PLAYER(?) driver of vehicle (dshkm).SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:560
6233 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalO-1 Birddog illumination rockets not working.SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:560
6234 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalO-1 Birddog willy pete rockets not working.SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:560
6237 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalPower of tank shells, and/or tank (t55/pt76) armor values are out of whack!SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:570
6238 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalPT-76 missing icon image.SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:570
6239 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalPT-76 When turned out the driver is sitting on top of the tank.SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:570
6244 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalVC clothing is still without any depth of texture. Currently just mat black.SnakeMan11/24/2009 15:580
6251 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormal- Hooch (fortified from mission editor placed objects) cant be entered.SnakeMan11/24/2009 18:510
6252 Vietnam: The ExperienceBugNewNormalAircav soldier models in ch47 flicker between first/last res LODs.SnakeMan11/24/2009 18:530
6391 PVP script packBugNewNormalCheck uses of publicVariable and see whether they are JIPsafesbsmac11/30/2009 14:170
6833 PVP script packBugNewNormalAutomap locking upX-Cutioner12/12/2009 00:081
7190 PVP script packBugNewNormalCTF_iff identifies enemies in MPsbsmac12/20/2009 18:130
7554 Addon Sync 2009BugNewLowFTP session is created(=connected) and disconnected for every single downloaded file, one by one.Anunnaki04/22/2011 21:57Download2
7727 PVP script packBugNewUrgentIndicator barsX-Cutioner01/04/2010 19:160
7897 PVP script packBugNewNormaltag code coudl be brokensbsmac01/09/2010 18:120
8038 OAC ProjectBugNewHighOAC bugs BMP2 armamentBanderas01/12/2010 20:130
8170 DM Real Tournament 2BugNewNormalSatellite: left/right movementkondor01/15/2010 20:170
8234 PVP script packBugNewNormalparadrops and respawn don't get along wellsbsmac01/17/2010 16:560
8439 PVP script packBugNewNormalCTF_testing should gosbsmac02/07/2010 15:101
8472 PVP script packBugNewNormalmake spectator camera modes optionalsbsmac01/24/2010 22:380
8473 PVP script packBugNewNormalstop spectators spectating on other spectatorssbsmac01/24/2010 22:400
8497 PVP script packBugNewNormalspectators can't spectate players in vehicles !sbsmac01/25/2010 18:570
8642 PVP script packBugNewNormalmap clicking not working with scud addonsbsmac01/29/2010 22:570
8772 DevHeaven (Only site issues)BugNewNormalRM 0.9 Upgrade: Project OverviewSickboy01/19/2012 10:512
8773 DevHeaven (Only site issues)BugNewNormalRM 0.9 Upgrade: SQF/CPP editor buttons missingSickboy01/19/2012 10:513
8774 DevHeaven (Only site issues)BugNewNormalRM 0.9 Upgrade: code processor requires pre againSickboy01/19/2012 10:518
9026 Addon Sync 2009BugNewNormalDirectoryFromURLPath invalid argumentkju03/27/2010 01:25Favorites0
9387 Six Battle CenterBugNewNormalError due to zones with player names with spacesSickboy03/01/2010 23:050
9541 CAA1 - BI addons in ArmA IIBugNewNormalCannot load Hunting Riflestubs03/11/2010 01:121
9803 SAPBugNewNormalEveron is in all CAPS in island listAnimalMother9206/24/2010 03:352
9854 CAA1 - BI addons in ArmA IIBugNewNormalerror in warfaceseregavlg03/30/2010 18:020
10396 DM Real Tournament 2BugNewNormalFIghters sometimes are killed when movingkondor04/30/2010 16:392.00
10422 Planned AssaultBugNewNormalCAS and Artillery Scripts Not Functionaltonnyrat05/02/2010 06:010
10637 Addon Sync 2009BugNewNormalUTF-8 encodingKochleffel07/18/2010 11:472
10762 Tankbuster ProjectsBugNewNormalDying from friendly fire also gives you minus pointsSekra05/21/2010 11:270
10918 DM Real Tournament 2BugNewNormalJIP player with too high slot isn't notified about thiskondor05/30/2010 12:160
10962 A&S ProMode (OA)BugNewNormalAAS: AI debug mode show particles for civilians too.kju07/04/2010 04:140
11457 Addon Sync 2009BugNewNormalProblem With Track IRPromQueen06/29/2011 05:16-1
11565 A&S ProMode (OA)BugNewNormalPlayer is switching class even when being revived.kju06/30/2010 16:520
11853 A&S ProMode (OA)BugNewNormalCamera "random","top","left","right","back","front" buggy for vehicles.kju07/11/2010 09:090
12302 PMC SomaliaBugNewNormalSmooth out the terrain coastline (now its too rough)SnakeMan07/25/2010 09:510
12303 PMC SomaliaBugNewNormalUnarmed HMMWV has bad / missing selections on "roof" panelSnakeMan07/25/2010 10:000
12319 Advance and Secure (AAS)BugNewNormalX-RAY Spawn-Camping countermeasures not working at times/for everyoneBCA_Cat_Toaster07/27/2010 22:300
12325 A&S ProMode (OA)BugNewNormalOn class change death counter gets incremented by one.kju07/26/2010 10:380
12563 squintBugNewNormalBetter handling of lambda functionssbsmac08/01/2010 08:160
12564 squintBugNewNormalAnalysis of missing/unused global variablessbsmac08/02/2010 05:310
12567 squintBugNewNormalComplete folded-text treesbsmac08/01/2010 08:240
12582 squintBugNewNormalPreprocessed view sometimes excrutiatingly slowsbsmac08/02/2010 07:
12669 squintBugNewNormalyou can still double-click to expand macros in source viewsbsmac08/04/2010 09:580
12717 squintBugNewNormalcommand precedenceT_D08/05/2010 16:260
12724 squintBugNewNormalTrack return types of user-defined functions/scriptssbsmac08/05/2010 17:020
12725 squintBugNewNormalTrack input types for user-defined functionssbsmac08/05/2010 17:040

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