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19611 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugNewNormalToo detailed shadow lod in w:\vme_pla_men\male.p3d (0:1.000000 : 3336) - shadows disabledkju05/07/2011 20:040
19610 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugNewNormalPoint X: Invalid point flags ff00fe00kju05/07/2011 20:040
19609 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugNewNormalError: w:\vme_bj2022\bj2102.p3d: Opposite edge to P(...,...) was not found - shadow geometry is not closedkju05/07/2011 20:040
19594 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugNewNormalEmbedded skeleton XXX different in different p3d files, diff=bones countkju05/07/2011 20:040
19574 A&S ProMode (OA)FeatureNewNormalAuto heal AI hands if they get hitkju05/06/2011 18:340
19573 A&S ProMode (OA)FeatureNewNormalEject AI driver of armed cars when the AI gunner gets killedkju08/31/2011 14:141
19567 Conflict On KoreaSupportNewNormal기존 한국군/북한군 에드온과 호환성 확립macmillan05/06/2011 15:330
19566 Conflict On KoreaTaskNewNormalModder Recruit 모더 모집macmillanmacmillan05/06/2011 15:310
19564 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugNewNormalChopper back rotor is buggykju05/07/2011 20:040
19563 Warfare BEBugNewNormalRepair Rearm Refuel for Free At Service CenterBomba107/21/2011 13:233
19558 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugNewNormalMissing axis in model vme_pgz_2000\zsu.p3d:..., axis osa_poklop_commanderkju05/07/2011 20:040
19557 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugNewNormalMissing axis in model vme_pla_weapons...:1, axis bolt_axiskju05/07/2011 20:040
19556 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugNewNormalMissing axis in model vme_wz10 ...., axis axis_horizont_1kju05/07/2011 20:040
19555 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugNewNormalAxis has less than two points, in model vme_bj2022\bj2102.p3d:0, sel osa_rychlokju05/07/2011 20:040
19554 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugNewNormalvme_zbd04\zbd04.p3d:geometryView: Bad proxy object definition proxy:\ca\temp\proxies\bmp2\gunner.001kju05/07/2011 20:040
19552 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugNewNormalvme_plz05\pir_smurfct72era1.p3d:0: Bad proxy object definition proxy:\ca\temp\proxies\bmp2\gunner.001kju05/07/2011 20:040
19551 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugNewNormalCannot load material file examples\data\hhl_white.rvmatkju05/07/2011 20:040
19550 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugNewNormalCannot load material file ca\characters\data\np_crew_equip.rvmatkju05/07/2011 20:040
19549 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugNewNormalUnrecognized texture type '.t': 'examples\data\equip_pioneer_co.t'kju05/07/2011 20:040
19535 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerFeatureAssignedNormalLimited Stance-Change Animation Interruptswamingo08/15/2011 23:21Animations1
19522 Mana Island FijiBugNewNormalWarning Message: Cannot load texture buk_kmen.paa.galzohar05/05/2011 16:341
19520 ArmA Addon Signer GUISupportNewNormalTHANKSMegagoth170205/05/2011 14:590
19513 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugNewNormalError in vem_pla_eq2050\vme_pla_eq2050a.p3d: Landcontact point ... not connected to any wheelkju05/07/2011 20:040
19512 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugNewNormalError: bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/VME_PLA_ZBD03/Turrets/CommanderOptics/: Turret gun ObsGun not found while initializing the model vme_pla_zbd03\vme_zbd03.p3dkju05/07/2011 20:040
19510 VME PLA for ARMA 2BugNewNormalWarning Message: Cannot open object bmpcommanderout/bmpdriverout/bmpgunnerout.p3dkju05/07/2011 20:040
19469 Warfare BEFeatureAssignedNormaladd more flags at strategic points (hilltops) on UtesINNOCENTandCLUELESSBenny05/11/2011 20:192
19454 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugAssignedNormalplanes ignore all disableAI/setCaptive commands when seeing a enemy armored threatDemonizedDwarden06/18/2011 14:06AI Issues2
19431 Warfare BEFeatureNewNormaladd ability to build additional MHQsINNOCENTandCLUELESS12/08/2011 20:32-2
19421 ArmA Addon Signer GUIFeatureNewNormalMake the tool resizablekju05/03/2011 11:390
19420 ArmA Addon Signer GUIFeatureNewNormalAdd folder should recursively scan all subfolders for pboskju05/03/2011 11:380

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