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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version Votes Affected Version
30173 TOH Community Issue TrackerBugNewNormalMissing ruins texturesrok04/14/2012 18:19Model2
30717 ARMA3 Community Issue TrackerFeatureNewNormalRemote controlled armed UAVsmr.g-c11/21/2012 02:58Model5
31171 Iron Front in Arma - Issue TrackerBugNewNormalBroken wooden fence has wrong object propertykju07/21/2012 06:19Model0
31486 ARMA3 Community Issue TrackerFeatureNewNormalAllow dialogs to be used as a render to texture source.Nou04/06/2014 12:18Model29
32146 Iron Front in Arma - Issue TrackerBugNewNormalГаномаг не пробивается из М2Li0n07/21/2012 06:20Model0
32227 A.C.E. for OATaskNewNormalWeapon: SVU-(A&S) Sniper rifle with SDMagicStuffUser03/01/2013 23:01ModelModel requests9
42759 Iron Front in Arma - Issue TrackerBugNewNormalwrong destruction model for "toilet" (dedicated server)Greez08/21/2012 10:54Model0
62109 A.C.E. for OATaskNewNormalPixelized HOLO reticle when NVG is switched on/off & Model of Aimpoint M4s seems unrealisticKenex0512/17/2012 21:02ModelModel requests7
64091 A.C.E. for OAFeatureNewNormalTargeting marker for AH-6.ScarecrowisNOTamused.01/08/2014 05:57ModelTBD5
67327 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugNewNormalMain rotor visual glitch on most Mi-8 helicoptersSa-Matra12/23/2012 03:45Model5
71179 ARMA3 Community Issue TrackerBugNewNormalModel warping bugKaiserPanda03/07/2013 16:24Model-1
71214 ARMA3 Community Issue TrackerBugNewNormalMore geo floatyNod_Unit03/07/2013 18:43Model0
71215 ARMA3 Community Issue TrackerBugNewNormalBulletproof glassNod_Unit10/15/2013 00:16Model7
71217 ARMA3 Community Issue TrackerBugNewNormalGlass breaks when wall shotNod_Unit03/08/2013 09:05Model0
71373 ARMA3 Community Issue TrackerBugNewNormalHelicopters - low engine power.tigger03/25/2013 18:47Model0
71466 ARMA3 Community Issue TrackerBugNewNormalMH 9 / Little Bird visual tail bugMoerderhoschi03/24/2013 21:11Model0
71847 Iron Front in Arma - Issue TrackerBugNewNormalThe problem with shadowFoyleFoyle05/24/2013 05:59Model0
72133 ARMA3 Community Issue TrackerBugNewNormalAH-99 Blackfoot (minor config issue) : muzzle smoke too far away from cannonFSFKiTooN06/25/2013 17:46Model1
73727 Iron Front in Arma - Issue TrackerBugNewNormalWarning: Convex component representing XXX not found for LIB_Li2kju01/14/2014 09:08Model0
74759 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugNewNormalAI sees through punkatux07/08/2014 06:41Model0
75244 Iron Front in Arma - Issue TrackerBugNewNormalWarning: Embedded material XXX.rvmat differs - repack datakju09/23/2014 09:05Model0
75251 Iron Front in Arma - Issue TrackerBugNewNormalLODs not ordered by face count kju09/23/2014 09:14Model0
75849 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugNewNormal[1.63.125548] General Store Invisible Glassmarkokil32112/18/2014 13:40Model1
75852 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugNewNormal[1.63.125548] land_a_hospital Wall Glitchmarkokil32112/18/2014 13:39Model0
76070 Iron Front in Arma - Issue TrackerBugNewNormalFloating anti-air gunsSantaSix02/21/2015 20:26Model0
1621 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugAssignedNormalDestroying quay wall raise them uptowataiDwarden03/08/2011 23:31Model6
1658 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugAssignedNormalM1A2 Tusk loader's gun may stick into commander head.Cthulhu12/29/2010 20:18Model5
1661 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerFeatureAssignedNormalF35 Gun bayCthulhu09/04/2012 16:08Model3
2173 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugAssignedNormalMI24-P Vertical Speed Indicators (VSI) or Rate of ClimbgonkDwarden12/29/2010 20:11Model9
2316 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugAssignedNormalMTVR can drive over numerous big trees without damage.rusty01/03/2011 18:09Model7

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