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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version Votes Affected Version
18187 Warfare BETaskFeedbackNormalUnits spawn in a corner of a map for a short timeRE-EMBenny05/16/2011 22:473
72359 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugNewNormalL-39 Albatros trainer/fighter jet second seat not workingReaper124310/04/2014 23:513
16147 A.C.E. for OATaskNewLowMG 3Rebel12/18/2012 20:39Model RequestModel requests15
75753 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugNewNormal[1.63.125548] Spent brass ejected from weapon not visible in first person.ReconTeam04/16/2015 00:19Rendering3
73089 A.C.E. for OABugNewNormalBTR-70 Texture problemred0111/23/2013 16:19Texture21.14
23341 Warfare BEFeatureNewNormalNew base building optionRed198208/11/2011 07:04Future0
17569 Warfare BEFeatureNewNormalBuild static defense in townRed198207/12/2011 08:370
17570 Warfare BEFeatureNewNormalnew parameter soldier classRed198205/29/2011 21:500
17765 Warfare BETaskNewNormalreduce the flairsRed198208/29/2011 08:472
24581 Warfare BEFeatureNewNormalCommander can build static defense in townRed198209/18/2011 10:550
75655 Iron Front in Arma - Issue TrackerBugAssignedHighUS weapons create major FPS dropRedClaylodu11/17/2014 14:30Performance breakdownNext patch0
36852 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormal( Wearing Ghillie Suit does not save character.RedHawk07/16/2012 04:170
30943 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugAssignedNormalFormation direction of AI group waiting at synchronized WP is always changed to face at zero-coordinateRediskaDwarden07/25/2012 04:55AI Issues4
37822 A.C.E. for OATaskNewLowAdd custom FOV support to 3D reticlesRedSntq118402/26/2013 14:31ScriptPlanned (Needs Contributors)7575.0
42180 ST HUDSupportNewNormal"Last help" sometimes make fthud_usermenu impossible to useRedSnt08/18/2012 10:500
36185 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormalBug with backpack of teammateRed_AP07/09/2012 07:130
36534 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalFeatureNewNormalCzech Vest Pouch should extend inventory and not be used as backpackReecon07/11/2012 17:520
41318 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalFeatureNewNormalRestrict Gamma-SettingsReecon08/22/2012 16:471
37601 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalFeatureNewNormalwhen spawned, infected should not auto move in players direction.Reeke08/03/2012 12:270
19626 CG AnimationsFeatureAssignedLowStand-to-wall could be more effective if..Reezosmookie07/03/2011 17:52Future releases1
19639 CG AnimationsBugAssignedLowCan't see where lobbing grenades in 1st person stand-to-wallReezosmookie06/14/2011 17:29Future releases1
74179 Patrol OpsBugAssignedNormalv3.1 Items loaded to Hemitt are invisible.Rellikplugeightysix03/11/2014 04:24LogisticsA3 Patrol Ops 3.20
74221 Patrol OpsBugFeedbackTrivialCapture of enemy vehiclesRellikplugeightysix03/13/2014 21:22MissionA3 Patrol Ops 3.20
74255 Patrol OpsBugNewNormalMission Time SyncRellikplugeightysix03/20/2014 13:09Mission0
33808 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugResolvedNormalSight and Sound MetersREMiX06/20/2012 13:180
34136 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormalVehicle DespawnedREMiX07/06/2012 10:510
52515 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormalA short time after logging on all action menu and inventory commands either lag or don't work at allremondo09/25/2012 12:450
34060 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormalInvisible and can't dieRemoteFish06/21/2012 10:090
74682 All in ArmaBugAssignedNormalAiA- Standalone GPS issue in MissionsReservekju09/13/2014 08:18Next release0
32450 Wasteland Survival SandboxFeatureNewNormalwasteland survival sandboxresi11706/06/2012 04:080

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