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5850 PVP script packTaskNewNormalTry using 'reveal' to work around flag-pickup bugsbsmac11/15/2009 09:550
5804 VIG_MinesTaskAssignedLowInclude NAM war era Mine models and textures of a unfinished Arma/OFP projectVigilanteVigilante11/12/2009 16:141
4369 CMA: M2A2 BradleyTaskNewNormalMerge configskju11/08/2009 16:270
4633 CommunityArmorSystemsProjectTaskAssignedNormalEvaluate pathzGubaVigilante11/07/2009 12:12ArmA II3
5635 PVP script packTaskNewNormalFind a way to use new server commandssbsmac11/03/2009 15:330
5566 PVP script packTaskNewNormalSee if CTF state machine falls over if flagrunner disconnectssbsmac10/31/2009 16:343.000
5511 PVP script packTaskNewNormalSee if getposasl can be used to place objects above buildings automaticallysbsmac10/28/2009 12:003.000
5510 PVP script packTaskNewNormalSee if end of 'receiving' period can be detected using publicvariablesbsmac10/28/2009 11:593.000
5509 PVP script packTaskNewNormalCheck whether setvariable .. true refreshes whole objectsbsmac10/28/2009 11:573.000
5507 PVP script packTaskNewNormalCreate google-folder for manualsbsmac10/28/2009 09:053.000
5499 PVP script packTaskNewNormalmake sure that all new dlg types and ctf variables are in all configssbsmac10/27/2009 18:423.000
5360 CommunityArmorSystemsProjectTaskNewNormalAsk Badger for his Russian tank pack MLODsth3flyboy10/23/2009 14:381
5193 prBFTaskNewNormalTweak standard prices.kju10/15/2009 12:080
5102 PVP script packTaskNewNormaldeleting crew of vehicle may now work...sbsmac10/11/2009 16:210
4966 CommunityArmorSystemsProjectTaskNewLowCASP_SAS - Scripted Armor SystemVigilanteVigilante10/05/2009 12:16ArmA II2
4978 CommunityArmorSystemsProjectTaskNewLowTank sinks into groundVigilante10/05/2009 12:14ArmA II3
4571 CommunityArmorSystemsProjectTaskNewLowSeparate GUI from main FCS threadzGubaVigilante10/02/2009 21:06ArmA II1
4871 PVP script packTaskNewNormaluse isPlayer in xPlayableUnitssbsmac09/27/2009 17:230
4813 Close AssaultTaskAssignedLowTest 3 way team gameplayTheCaptainTheCaptain09/24/2009 05:35Tasks0.40
4788 Close AssaultTaskAssignedLowWrite mission editing guide/TemplateTheCaptainTheCaptain09/24/2009 05:25Tasks0.40
3164 CMA: Mi-28TaskNewNormalAlter mainrotor blurs RKSL stylekju09/06/2009 19:49ModelLater1
4311 PVP script packTaskNewNormalNot all CTF vars are documentedsbsmac09/06/2009 10:590
4322 PVP script packTaskResolvedNormalMake sure warning signs can be removed from all markerssbsmac09/06/2009 10:550
4093 PVP script packTaskNewNormalLog setDisplayEventHandler problem in main issue-trackersbsmac08/28/2009 16:550
4049 PVP script packTaskNewNormalMore code tidyingsbsmac08/26/2009 19:020
4048 PVP script packTaskNewNormalTag all globalssbsmac08/26/2009 18:580
3994 PVP script packTaskNewNormalReview the vehicle respawn scriptssbsmac08/25/2009 09:010
3745 OFP Island PackTaskAssignedNormalDocumentation how to use YAS to download OFPIP.kjuthe-f08/24/2009 13:47Next release0
3744 OFP Island PackTaskAssignedHighDocumentation how to download the latest source of OFPIPkjuthe-f08/24/2009 13:47Next release0
3743 OFP Island PackTaskAssignedUrgentMake a news in ACEIP to announce OFPIP as successor.kjuthe-f08/24/2009 13:47Next release0

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