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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version Votes Affected Version
35607 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerFeatureAssignedNormalCustomizable steering sensitivity and automatic view panningzGuba08/25/2012 03:25Game settings9
2569 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerFeatureAssignedNormalPlayer not always rolling on back after being shotzombiemod08/10/2010 16:39BI Modules3
4078 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerFeatureAssignedNormalWomen are called "damsels"zombiemod03/01/2011 14:40Localisation7
26643 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerFeatureAssignedNormalAssigned team broadcast in MPzx6408/30/2013 17:37Scripting: Problem157
27483 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerFeatureAssignedNormalAllow colorGrid[] and colorGridMap[] to be customised by map controlszx6408/30/2013 17:37155
27484 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerFeatureAssignedNormalAllow ctrlMapAnimAdd to jump to negative positions and use (almost) any zoom value regardless of island configzx6408/30/2013 17:38155
13340 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerFeatureAssignedNormalIdentical ranges for MLRS using "1.54 engine artillery" and artillery module _William09/30/2010 08:05BI Modules4
16392 ArmA2 Tools Community IssueTrackerFeatureAssignedNormalArma 2 - Create Dialog Toolkanelbolle03/15/2013 06:159
5065 ArmA2 Tools Community IssueTrackerFeatureAssignedNormalSummer and winter plants packkondor09/14/2011 05:09Visitor 3 - PE for Arma II28
28052 ArmA2 Tools Community IssueTrackerFeatureNewNormal02script GetBoundingBoxmikero01/30/2012 17:50Visitor 3 - PE for Arma II1
24472 ArmA2 Tools Community IssueTrackerFeatureAssignedNormalBinarise does not report bad statusmikero09/13/2011 21:21BinMake - PE for Arma II2
13285 ArmA2 Tools Community IssueTrackerFeatureAssignedNormalAllow for scripting in a picking feature to allow for using a mouse to click around on certain parts of a model to interact with itth3flyboy09/13/2011 14:49Oxygen 2 - PE for Arma II2
18480 ArmA2 Tools Community IssueTrackerFeatureAssignedNormalImport Keypoints into VisitorTupolovDwarden09/13/2011 14:47Visitor 3 - PE for Arma II4
24513 ArmA2 Tools Community IssueTrackerFeatureAssignedNormalCreate roads based on shapefiles or scriptTupolov11/17/2011 08:37Visitor 3 - PE for Arma II2
30763 Arma2NETFeatureAssignedNormalAdd event systemScott_NZScott_NZ06/05/2012 11:12Arma2NETFuture1
31586 Arma2NETFeatureAssignedLowAdd automatic crash reporting?Scott_NZ06/05/2012 09:43Arma2NETFuture0
32350 Arma2NETFeatureAssignedNormalAdd enum support as a target for Format class and Arma2NetMethodAddInScott_NZScott_NZ06/05/2012 09:42SQF formattingFuture0
32488 Arma2NETFeatureAssignedNormalAdd the ability to open PBO filesScott_NZScott_NZ06/07/2012 15:24Arma2NET0
39367 Arma2NETFeatureAssignedLowHave addins automatically reload when they are modifiedScott_NZScott_NZ07/30/2012 12:07Plugins0
30693 Arma2NETFeatureResolvedTrivialAdd new VersionOf functionScott_NZScott_NZ05/07/2012 13:440
30813 Arma2NETFeatureResolvedNormalAdd alternative function call syntaxScott_NZScott_NZ05/13/2012 13:301.90
30988 Arma2NETFeatureResolvedLowAdd public key token whitelistScott_NZScott_NZ05/20/2012 09:441.91
31135 Arma2NETFeatureResolvedNormalAdd IronRubyScott_NZScott_NZ05/10/2012 14:121
31182 Arma2NETFeatureResolvedNormalAdd maxResultSize support to all plugin typesScott_NZScott_NZ05/13/2012 03:171.90
31292 Arma2NETFeatureResolvedTrivialAdd a Visual Studio plugin template for developing pluginsScott_NZScott_NZ05/28/2012 06:590
31644 Arma2NETFeatureResolvedTrivialAdd option to play sound when Arma2NET is initializedScott_NZScott_NZ06/27/2012 15:201.91
31848 Arma2NETFeatureResolvedNormalAdd dynamic plugin compliationScott_NZScott_NZ06/24/2012 14:43Plugins1.112
32131 Arma2NETFeatureResolvedNormalAdd log configuration filename option to Settings.yamlScott_NZScott_NZ06/03/2012 04:10Settings1.100
32351 Arma2NETFeatureResolvedNormalAdd debugger to Arma2NetExplorerScott_NZScott_NZ06/05/2012 08:24Explorer1.100
32489 Arma2NETFeatureResolvedNormalImprove SQF expression generatorScott_NZScott_NZ06/24/2012 14:43Arma2NET1.110

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