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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version Votes Affected Version
30454 Iron Front in Arma - Issue TrackerBugFeedbackUrgentBuilding/door design is very poorkjuTTHAM07/21/2012 06:17Model0
4888 T_D ToolsTaskAssignedNormalTool to modify named property 'class'kjuT_D07/24/2010 22:082
6859 T_D ToolsFeatureAssignedNormalMake UserValueRemover also work for ODOL.kjuT_D12/12/2009 16:210
966 CommunityArmorSystemsProjectFeatureFeedbackNormalSmoke Launcher SystemkjuVigilante10/23/2009 15:101
983 CommunityArmorSystemsProjectFeatureFeedbackNormalRealistic Javelin SystemkjuVigilante12/23/2009 00:072
30857 Iron Front in Arma - Issue TrackerBugNewNormalString not foundkjuWass07/21/2012 06:18Localisation0
26022 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugFeedbackNormalclearVehicleInit only clears setVehicleInit code that was not yet "processInitCommands'ed" (aka still pending)kjuXeno10/12/2012 11:44Scripting: Problem9
67383 Arma 2: Community Configuration ProjectBugFeedbackNormalThe commander location in advanced vehicles lacks auto-stabilizationkjuXenomorph01/15/2013 22:553
67380 Arma 2: Community Configuration ProjectFeatureFeedbackNormalBallisticsComputer to more weaponskjuXenomorph03/05/2014 19:016
574 Addon Sync 2009BugNewLowChange naming "armedass and arma2" to "a1 and a2".kjuYoma12/11/2009 08:22Server1
831 Addon Sync 2009BugNewLowApplication cannot read or display crilic letters correctly it seems.kjuYoma05/15/2009 13:25Gamespy0
586 Addon Sync 2009FeatureNewNormalNo non recursive diff possible on none folder leaves.kjuYoma05/15/2009 13:38Download0
887 Addon Sync 2009FeatureNewNormalOffer keyshortcutskjuYoma04/08/2009 08:360
1033 Addon Sync 2009FeatureNewNormalUpload addons: Ability to un-/ticket multiple items in grid view.kjuYoma05/15/2009 13:23Upload0
1034 Addon Sync 2009FeatureNewLowUpload addons: Ability to filter items in grid view.kjuYoma05/15/2009 13:22Upload0
1036 Addon Sync 2009FeatureNewNormalUpload addons: Compare repos: Create list of files to remove from FTP.kjuYoma12/26/2009 10:07Upload1
1185 Addon Sync 2009FeatureNewLowFavs: Server: Export to yas. File is named Server.yas, should be 'server name' instead.kjuYoma05/15/2009 13:19Server0
632 Addon Sync 2009FeatureFeedbackNormalserver-download addons: more info about modified files possible?kjuYoma05/15/2009 13:32Download0
5923 CMA: M2A2 BradleyBugAssignedNormalWarning Message: Animation source CMA_damageGun not found in ...kjuzGuba11/18/2009 13:06Binarize log0
5914 CMA: M2A2 BradleyBugFeedbackNormalCMA_M2A2_AU: CMA_M2A2_MainGunRecoil - unknown animation source CMA_M2A2_MainGunReloadkjuzGuba11/18/2009 13:04Binarize log0
3162 CMA: Mi-28TaskAssignedNormalAdd loaded missile proxy and alter the missile tubes (Tiger HOT style)kjuzGuba04/02/2010 09:55ModelLater0
3165 CMA: Mi-28BugFeedbackNormalMainrotor indestructiblekjuzGuba04/01/2010 20:15Model0
74496 Community Upgrade ProjectTaskFeedbackNormalDetermine penetration rvmat mapping for remaining cases.kjuzGuba05/11/2014 11:480
4725 CommunityArmorSystemsProjectTaskAssignedNormalAsk Bionic for his Leo2 MLODskjuzGuba11/24/2009 22:592
36990 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormal[] Ammo clips are always full on reconnectionKiro07/15/2012 02:080
36991 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormal[] Trying to move an item from your inventory to your full backpack deletes this itemKiro07/29/2012 10:280
37078 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormal[] Infinite grenadesKiro07/15/2012 18:270
37336 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormal[] When a tent is full, trying to move any item in it will delete this item.Kiro07/28/2012 03:380
25132 BIS Module Improvement ProjectBugNewNormalTowns not being repopulatedKingNothing10/03/2011 20:030
25133 BIS Module Improvement ProjectBugNewNormalSome civilians left in town when depopulatedKingNothing10/03/2011 20:050

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