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5584 PVP script packFeatureNewNormalGame-specific 'I' scoreboardssbsmac11/01/2009 17:430
13417 squintBugNewNormalGet suggestion to fix private array to be displayed after errors that it will fixsbsmac08/31/2010 22:350
16273 squintBugResolvedNormalglobal search and replace could hang with recursive substitutionssbsmac12/27/2010 17:401270
4071 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugAssignedLowGrenade animation can be 'queued' if the fire button is pressed twice in quick successionsbsmac11/21/2012 08:12Animations16
6447 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugAssignedNormalGroups do not react to friendly fire from behindsbsmacDwarden01/06/2012 13:41AI Issues5
5824 PVP script packFeatureNewNormalgroups of obectivessbsmac11/13/2009 19:470
12770 squintBugResolvedNormalgrpNull, controlNull,displayNull,locationNull should be treated like objnullsbsmac08/07/2010 17:541.0.0.440
3976 PVP script packFeatureNewNormalguns markers could do with 'height' option to cope with buildings/USS KheSahnsbsmac08/24/2009 20:380
10118 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugAssignedNormalhandleDamage does not prevent 'suppressive affect' that affects the aimingsbsmacDwarden02/22/2012 17:02Scripting: Problem8
5488 PVP script packFeatureNewNormalHelicpter insertion from respawnsbsmac10/27/2009 15:243.000
5490 PVP script packFeatureFeedbackNormalHidden objectssbsmac10/31/2009 15:513.000
4317 PVP script packFeatureNewNormalHideable vehicle respawn (and other) markerssbsmac09/06/2009 09:290
13215 squintBugResolvedNormalHighlighted error in codewindow is now placed 5 lines down from top of screen when using ALT-up/down selectionsbsmac08/23/2010 16:391.0.0.830
13214 squintBugResolvedNormalHIghlighted error in error-list could be out of view when using ALT-up.down to scrollsbsmac08/23/2010 16:381.0.0.830
12912 squintBugResolvedNormalHighlighting of comments in preprocessed view is incorrectsbsmac08/20/2010 11:
3951 PVP script packFeatureNewNormalhostage modesbsmac08/23/2009 22:260
13235 squintBugResolvedNormalImplement basic auto-indentsbsmac08/24/2010 17:
13250 squintFeatureResolvedNormalImprove auto-indent so that it only offers function names after call or spawnsbsmac08/25/2010 09:401.0.0.910
3910 PVP script packFeatureNewNormalImprove error checkingsbsmac08/22/2009 17:330
12437 squintBugResolvedNormalImprove error-reporting for common control-structure errorssbsmac07/28/2010 22:431.0.0.130
3021 PVP script packFeatureNewNormalImprove spawn protection mechanismsbsmac10/27/2009 15:483.000
12495 squintFeatureResolvedNormalImprove syntax highlightingsbsmac07/30/2010 09:531.0.0.210
12887 squintBugResolvedNormalIncorrect association of multiple ops...sbsmac08/15/2010 12:341.0.0.610
13263 squintBugResolvedNormalIncrease priority of error-detection over renderingsbsmac08/25/2010 17:431.0.0.920
13375 squintFeatureNewNormalIndication that squint still has work to do sbsmac08/30/2010 10:150
4310 PVP script packBugResolvedNormalinitial spawn weapon seems to be pistol quite oftensbsmac09/06/2009 14:490
3224 PVP script packFeatureNewNormalInteresting ideas for future conceptssbsmac07/31/2009 16:020
4394 PVP script packBugNewNormalinternment can be exploited by players who quit and rejoinsbsmac09/08/2009 19:440
4680 PVP script packBugNewNormalintro sequence should throttle according to FPSsbsmac09/20/2009 13:500
12723 squintBugResolvedNormalIntroduce project scope for global variablessbsmac08/11/2010 20:
13387 squintBugResolvedNormalIt was possible for characters to get lost whilst typing quickly in large filessbsmac08/30/2010 16:
5818 PVP script packBugFeedbackNormalKOH gameover score not correctly displayedsbsmac11/14/2009 12:363.000
4087 PVP script packBugNewNormallevelBuildings may need a delaysbsmac08/28/2009 07:360
13210 squintBugNewNormalline numbers can lose sync if scrolled from line-number windowsbsmac08/23/2010 15:130
13373 squintBugResolvedNormalline-numbers coud lose sync when deleting text from the end of a filesbsmac08/30/2010 09:
13254 squintBugResolvedNormalline-numbers incorrect when switching between multiple files in projectsbsmac08/25/2010 13:381.0.0.920
5477 PVP script packFeatureFeedbackNormalLobby dialg for respawn limitsbsmac11/14/2009 10:223.000
4093 PVP script packTaskNewNormalLog setDisplayEventHandler problem in main issue-trackersbsmac08/28/2009 16:550
5470 PVP script packBugFeedbackNormalLogo not workingsbsmac10/27/2009 21:503.000
13352 squintBugNewNormalLook for dodgy format stringssbsmac08/29/2010 10:510
4990 PVP script packBugNewNormalLost flag return text is inaccuratesbsmac10/03/2009 12:490
12507 squintBugResolvedNormalmacro substitution still not quite rightsbsmac07/30/2010 18:491.0.0.230
5823 PVP script packFeatureNewNormalMake flyroute height adjustablesbsmac11/13/2009 19:450
13505 squintBugNewNormalmake include path prefix a project propertysbsmac09/04/2010 09:520
5588 PVP script packFeatureNewNormalMake it more obvious when destroy objectives are completesbsmac11/01/2009 18:193.000
4046 PVP script packBugNewNormalmake minefields and noflyzones work properlysbsmac08/26/2009 16:280
8472 PVP script packBugNewNormalmake spectator camera modes optionalsbsmac01/24/2010 22:380
5590 PVP script packFeatureNewNormalMake splash screen time configurablesbsmac11/01/2009 18:213.000
5499 PVP script packTaskNewNormalmake sure that all new dlg types and ctf variables are in all configssbsmac10/27/2009 18:423.000
4322 PVP script packTaskResolvedNormalMake sure warning signs can be removed from all markerssbsmac09/06/2009 10:550

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