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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version Votes Affected Version
63795 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormal3rd person limitation rewriteRadiomanRadioman11/09/2012 07:540.6v0
63798 Vietnam: The ExperienceFeatureNewNormalFlashlight as "in Pistol Slot".Elena11/10/2012 06:410
64263 Warfare BEFeatureNewNormalmoney bankgoldblaze12/24/2012 08:030
64286 Wasteland Survival SandboxFeatureNewNormalConvoysMau5trapTonic-_-12/17/2012 16:12Version 1DC0
64362 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalPlayer balance scriptKenex05Radioman12/25/2012 14:37Future0
65183 Warfare BEFeatureNewNormalRandomize Startup TownsThe_Atmosphere11/25/2012 18:190
66992 Warfare BEFeatureAssignedNormalTunguska rearming workaroundQazdarBenny12/29/2012 22:21Warfare BE 2.0740
66993 Warfare BEFeatureAssignedNormalAirlifting wrecksQazdarBenny12/29/2012 22:20Warfare BE 2.0740
67333 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalAdd no-collide ladders to the construction menu.RadiomanRadioman12/10/2012 11:270.6v0
67423 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalEvent handler for map markers showing who placed itbaskervilleRadioman12/13/2012 02:280.6v0
67424 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalGive bounties to player who was responsible for the enemy units destruction even if delayedbaskervilleRadioman12/13/2012 02:390.6v0
67488 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalHigh bounties for killing players and extra bonus for snipingFreeborneRadioman12/13/2012 00:230.6v0
67569 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalReduce commander income bonusesRadiomanRadioman12/13/2012 03:410.6v0
67571 battleWarden:RConFeatureNewNormalTeam listchrispottsov198705/16/2013 10:36battleWarden:RCon 1.1.10
67641 Arma 2: Community Configuration ProjectFeatureNewNormalAdd more vehicles like "bomb" with different explosion modelsQazdar12/14/2012 09:480
68057 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalGlobal markers for radiation fallout when nukes landbaskervilleRadioman12/18/2012 15:520.6v0
68063 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalRemove non strict placement objects from the parametersbaskervilleRadioman12/18/2012 15:530.6v0
68064 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalPort all CORE changes to .71 Utesbaskerville12/18/2012 15:540
68531 Iron Front in Arma - Issue TrackerFeatureNewNormalFeature request: additional markers for mission making purposesSander12/22/2012 15:0201.05
68831 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalMore statistics at end-game outroKenex05Radioman01/08/2013 04:510.6v0
68859 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalStrategic cap pointsKenex0512/25/2012 15:460
69079 ARMA3 Community Issue TrackerFeatureNewNormalSpike LR : NLOS TV guided missile Launcher.cyrilator03/07/2013 16:220
69401 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalTeam Balancing issuessonofcoco01/09/2013 15:290
69402 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalDisable global markerssonofcocoRadioman12/28/2012 13:380.6v0
69872 ST HUDFeatureNewNormalST HUD Third ColumnAbellmio12/31/2012 03:320
69975 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalDisplay Commander's name and money in WF MenuKenex05Radioman01/08/2013 04:480.6v0
69979 Warfare BEFeatureNewNormalMando Missile Canoptikuz01/02/2013 23:250
70007 Warfare BEFeatureNewNormalACR Features (Vehicles, Weapons, etc)jcdenton02/11/2013 15:130
70153 Wasteland Survival SandboxFeatureNewNormal- delete -Sagehorn01/05/2013 00:210
70154 Wasteland Survival SandboxFeatureNewNormalDealer for vehiclesSagehorn01/20/2013 15:330
70155 Wasteland Survival SandboxFeatureNewNormalIncentives for building a baseSagehorn01/20/2013 15:210
70156 Wasteland Survival SandboxFeatureNewNormalOnly players with GPS can see each other on the mapSagehorn01/20/2013 15:090
70170 Warfare BEFeatureAssignedNormalRecover airportsCanoptikuzBenny01/07/2013 18:03Warfare BE 2.0740
70171 Warfare BEFeatureAssignedNormalIncome from cities.CanoptikuzBenny01/07/2013 18:04Warfare BE 2.0740
70172 Warfare BEFeatureAssignedNormalBuy majorsCanoptikuzBenny02/12/2013 01:590
70178 Warfare BEFeatureAssignedNormalPaid CampingCanoptikuzBenny01/08/2013 21:22Warfare BE 2.0740
70193 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormal"Are you sure?" dialog for the commander vote window.RadiomanRadioman01/08/2013 04:490.6v0
70292 Warfare BEFeatureAssignedNormalArtillery computerCanoptikuzBenny01/16/2013 07:48Warfare BE 2.0740
70293 Warfare BEFeatureAssignedNormalAssistant commanderCanoptikuzBenny01/16/2013 03:380
70298 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalGps within veh'ssonofcoco01/18/2013 01:520
70352 Warfare BEFeatureAssignedNormalAPC/Tanks : Improved armor & Reactive armorBennyBenny02/01/2013 20:45Warfare BE 2.0740
70395 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalMake mines harder to place near friendly buildings : Output to server RPT etcbaskervilleRadioman01/17/2013 03:240.6v0
70396 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalOwner query for vehicles and other bought assetsbaskervilleRadioman01/15/2013 04:490.6v0
70398 Warfare BEFeatureFeedbackNormalThe keyboardEmperor01/16/2013 21:370
70401 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerFeatureNewNormalanimation and sound for auto/single mode fire Magician01/15/2013 16:07Animations0
70402 CG AnimationsFeatureNewNormalcreate animation and sound for single/auto fire modeMagician01/15/2013 16:180
70412 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalSpecialisationImperator01/31/2013 10:080
70417 ARMA3 Community Issue TrackerFeatureNewNormalwhen aiming change position little more highMagician03/07/2013 16:230
70418 ARMA3 Community Issue TrackerFeatureNewNormalsound and animations for single/auto fireMagician03/07/2013 16:23Animations0
70423 Warfare BE CORE EditionFeatureNewNormalDifficulty Revamp: Quality over QuantityRadiomanRadioman01/17/2013 09:220.6v0

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