Bug #1905

campaign: AI aiming at walls, sitting backwards on chair, etc

Added by rusty about 8 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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In the introduction of the campaign some funny AI positioning happens.

at 'daydream': both AI players in the bunker are aiming directly at the wall and not the open field.
one of the team members is standing and stares at the chopper, facing the speaking commander with his backside.
at 'briefing': the speaker is staring towards the wall.
one of the team members is sitting at his chair backwards; facing his commander with his ass.

at intro screen: the chopper is bouncing on the deck in a diagonal orientation (used to happen with ofp1 sometimes as well). Seems to be a placement issue?

These are the first scenes a new arma2 buyer gets to see so I would argue to have them look flawless.
It was strange to start the game in a bunker where your fellow soldier is trying to shoot down the wall.


Updated by rusty about 8 years ago

just an update on the VTOL plane that is bouncing on the deck. If you look closely you see that the VTOL 'drops' a little when the screen opens. Looks like the placement is a bit too high. In some situations this causes the VTOL to 'land' on the deck incorectly and it starts bouncing.

Updated by Fireball almost 8 years ago

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Is this still the case?

Updated by rusty almost 8 years ago

partly still the case.

1) 'daydream': initial position of fellow soldiers seems ok BUT
the soldiers look 360 degrees around; so also inside bunker after a few secs.

This could be a major other problem with AI: it should ignore pieces where there is a WALL in the line of sight when in this mode.
(and maybe just do not make it scan 360 because they cover only 1 side of the bunker).
Still a weird thing to see when just starting the game for first time users so i consider it important.

2) in the hangar, this seems to be fixed now.

Updated by Fireball almost 8 years ago

  • Due date changed from 09/17/2009 to 09/27/2009
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  • Affected ArmA II version changed from 1.01.57751 to 1.03.58627

Updated by Fireball almost 8 years ago

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I was asked that you please would divide the potential "major problem with the AI" into a separate bug - the "packaging" of bugs is really hard to track and fix.

Please refer the new bug number (e.g. #1905) and comment it here then, so I can cross out the split issue out of this one. Thanks!

Updated by rusty almost 8 years ago

done, its submitted in issue #4474

Updated by Fireball almost 8 years ago

  • Status changed from Feedback to Closed

Thanks, closing this one then, as I think the other issues you mentioned here are fixed (correct me if I'm wrong).

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