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Periscopes on heavy armored vehicles.

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Now them have only 1 periscope with very narrow FOV, what makes very hard to be a driver without 3D view (most realistic settings, what I like).
In real life most of them have 3 or more periscopes.

Changing current periscope can be realized through pressing [look right] and [look left] buttons (by default - Num4 and Num6).

Another way - enable camera turning and replace "one periscope" texture mask to "multiple periscopes". Not sure that it possible.


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duplicates A.C.E. for OA - Feature #9115: Additional view ports for tank/armored vehicle drivers Closed 02/16/2010


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Without unbinarised models (MLODs) we cannot change any additional viewport. Please refer to the ticket: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/9115

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