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NOFOLLOW no does what they must

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Originally Posted by galzohar View Post
Is there any way to make AI more "defensive" in their patrols? That is, not chase enemies if chasing them requires them going way out of their patrol zone? And if there isn't, is there any chance something like this will get implemented? I want to keep my AI patrolling and using UPS smart stuff when they are fighting in their designated area, but don't want them to leave the area that they are supposed to defend just to attack enemies a kilometer away from it.

I tried setting sharedist to low, which meant they don't call for their buddies from the other side of the island, but when they spot you themselves they will attack you no matter how far you are as long as you were in spotting range rather than stay on the nice hill they were ordered to patrol/defend and fight from there.
mmm there is a parameter "NOFOLLOW" that is not well implemented I will try to solve it.


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Solved a problem with vector position that not allow to mantain in zone.

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AƱadido Beta 4 al repositorio for testing

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