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Spawn function for dinamic create squads of UPSMON

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Target version:5.0.6
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Affected ArmA II version:1.05.62017 Reproduced by another DH user:No


Yes, I will implement it. I will run as explain as follow.

Ther will be a new parameter "ID:",1 this will set the Id of the squad. Upsmon will save its components. Example of who to use:

First ,creates a squad in editor and puts on the init this "ID",x this will save composition of squad as template x:

nul = [this,"town","ID:",1, "move","reinforcement", "delete:",600] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf";

Then you can use this ID when you want to create another group same as the template "ID:", x No matters if template squad dead, example of use in a trigger:

nul = [1,[0,0,0],3,["town", "move","reinforcement", "delete:",600]] EXECVM "SCRIPTS\UPSMON\SPAWN.SQF";

Param1 = Id of the template.
Param2 = Position to create new squad.
Param3 = NÂș of copys to create
Param4 = Array of parameters of UPSMON, first must be name of marc to patrol
optional parameters:
"rf:"x = number of reinforcement squads to reposoriginal squads when dead
"rfpos:"x = position to create reinfocement squads
What do you think?


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