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ability to drop and hide (bigger rucksak)

Added by jw over 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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hi i just saw a video abouth the SAS reconstructing a mission.
it gave me some ideas that realy made sence.
i even think the stamina effects ingame would realy be put to the test.
its abouth the gear they take with them when they go on a mission
total weight each man is carrying is around 100 pounds,
wich would be to much to be able to engage the enemy.
but wouldnt it be nice to be able to drop your rucksak,
and mark on the map where u left it so u can come back for ammo or whatever u left in the bag
right now most mission makers are dropping some ammo crates and u have everything u like...
but with the ability to drop the rucksak and store around 100 pounds into it,
the player is more limited by the inventory they took with them.
and in the same time makes it much more important to well plan wat u take with u on your mission...


Updated by Peyoteros over 7 years ago

In general, loosing a rucksak after being killed is anoing, in real life stuff would remain lying around until it's picked up by someone or if not faund, it will remain in the ground and rotten. We could increace lost weapon life time and as for the rucksak should be unlimited so you can come back to it, or if found someones else rearm at it or simply loot it. What do you think guys?

Updated by jw over 7 years ago

no not like loosing cause u get killed, thats simply mission failed.
just have the ability to hide your own rucksak...
with the extra ammo bandage whatever u stuffed it with
this way u are more mobile to engage the enemy,
and to come back to rearm or simply take the whole rucksak again
and move on.

Updated by rocko about 7 years ago

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Updated by tcp about 7 years ago

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The rucks on dead bodies have always been available to take individual items or the entire ruck from.

The most recent update has added the ability to drop your ruck at anytime and come back for it later. See: http://ace.dev-heaven.net/wagn/Rucksacks

Please elaborate if there is any other feature you would like to see.

Updated by jw about 7 years ago

thats exactly wat i mean :)
didnt know it was allready there....

only thing i can think of is to make the (enemy) rucksak destroyable/unuseable...
if it isnt allready?

Updated by tcp about 7 years ago

When you drop a ruck out of your inventory in the standard way, it's just a piece of gear.

When you use the Drop Ruck action, it will create a ruck crate which is a vehicle that is destroyable like anything else; shoot it, blow it up, or just take it with you.

Updated by jw about 7 years ago

u guys are allways three steps ahead of the community

thnx for the feedback and excuse me for the holdup...

k when i get any new ideas ill let u know,.. if u didnt allready come up with it first :)

Updated by tcp about 7 years ago

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If you have specific ideas about how to improve the current system, feel free to create another feature ticket.

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