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Bomb simulations

Added by kju about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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Updated by Vigilante about 8 years ago

Does this topic mean 'Bomb Simulations' or 'Airstrike Simulation' ? Since mando bombs is more for simulating/calling in airstrikes than simulation bombs being dropped by an human controlled plane.

'Bomb Simulation' means for me rather the VFX of bombs (explosions, retarders) or duds going UXO (basically becoming some kind of defuzeable 'boobytrap') and the drop- or guidance-scripts for bomb weapons being dropped by player and/or AI. (for the latter one mando bombs would apply again, since it has some math i use for better/more real flightpath. I.e. more arched, less linear than vanilla ArmA)

Maybe the animations of bomb weapons, like parachutes, wings, ballutes, petals whatever, apply also under this topic?

Updated by kju about 8 years ago

You are right. This topic needs several tickets I believe.
For now I was trying to gather the different stuff out there or WIP.

I am not familiar with the real world systems, so someone else
has to do a better categorization.

In general all parts are interesting for the project.

Updated by Vigilante about 8 years ago

I have already done some MK80 family of bombs variants, mainly those with ballute and petal retarders, also using some snippet from mandos bombs for better flightpath, but thats just a common formula containing gravity and time i.e. adjusting what arma already does to a more logarithmic than linear path.

Also my CBU variant are going on nicely, for them we will need some kind of interface to set their burstheight, lifetime (in case of the GATOR AT/AP mines) and such, some kind of CBU can be set by the groundpersonnel prior to flight and/or others inflight by various means (in case of the A-10 its the ACP)

I also love the durandal anti-runway bomb, which will need some parachutes too.

And nice shockwaves, which are quite simple to implement (i do it already with my explosion FX)

So maybe this should be some separation into categories like:

*VFX or Bomb FX in general (VFX, Explosions, Animations)
*Controls (ACP, FCS, !! CCIP (there is/was something going on somewhere along that line)!! or such)
*AI/Human controlled Airstrike scripting

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