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Added by AnimalMother92 over 7 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:03/23/2010
Priority:High Due date:06/02/2010
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Target version:1.2
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I know, I know..."another addon request". But seriously. Just take a look at how beautiful these units are!


They are perfect for ACEX. They are US special forces that fit the goals and scope of ACE and would make a wonderful addition to it.

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Updated by Scubaman3D over 7 years ago

I like 'em

Updated by KingHomer over 7 years ago

  • Priority changed from Normal to Low
  • Target version set to Planned (Needs Contributors)

Updated by ardvarkdb over 7 years ago

If you guys decide you want to include these I'm happy to help with whatever might be needed.

Updated by AnimalMother92 over 7 years ago

These even include a great ACE config giving the units no backpacks and loading them with ACEX gear.

Updated by Peyoteros about 7 years ago

this is one of those "must add" things... Please

Updated by Smurf about 7 years ago

Mandatory after seeing so many nice headgear to choose from =D

Also thumbs up to ardvarkdb to make himself avaible to help. And for making such units.


Updated by Sickboy about 7 years ago

  • Category set to Model
  • Status changed from New to Assigned
  • Assignee set to rocko
  • Target version changed from Planned (Needs Contributors) to 1.1
  • % Done changed from 0 to 10

Sounds good! Tnx ardvark for the offer!

Updated by rocko about 7 years ago

  • Status changed from Assigned to New
  • Assignee deleted (rocko)

Updated by HavocDemon about 7 years ago

As much as people may like these uniforms, can we please keep it separate? Do we really need to add another 200 megs just for some more uniforms?

Things like guns, gear, and vehicles are one thing, but there are so many uniforms out there, and to have a add-on that adds so many moderate slight modifications is fairly minor.

I think letting individual groups deciding if they want to have it added is one thing. But to incorporate this when there is already a lot of different priorities that are game affecting is a bit silly.

Updated by AnimalMother92 about 7 years ago

An idea could be to include the core recon/assault units (maybe in 2 camouflages) and leave out all the random gear units and profile options. Possibly a woodland skin and a desert skin? Just throwing ideas out there.

Updated by rocko about 7 years ago

HavocDemon wrote:


Yes, it's kept seperate in ACEX.

Updated by Sickboy about 7 years ago

Not sure what you're trying to say Havoc. Im sure we can decide on what is priority and what isn't, and the fact that Ardvark offers to assist on the integration, im not sure what you're trying to say.

Updated by Floydii about 7 years ago

+1 to HavocDemon comments. Put this stuff as a seperate mod, like a different mod, like @ACETF86.

HavocDemon is echoing the comments of an increasing number players, particulary in Australia where we don't have unlimited downloads. We cannot afford to download 100meg here and 200meg there every couple of nights (we need that cap to play).

It's strangling our playerbase because guys are being turned away by the constant updates for redundant content. New AK's, Binkowski's US Army 2008 units, and possibly TF86. They are all nice to haves, but not essential for the game.

ACE2 is good BECAUSE of the gameplay feature it adds, not the fact it adds a bunch of new units. I appreciate the work you are guys are doing is all voluntary and I REALLY appreciate the enhancements to realism you have added. But please, for the sake of not killing the golden goose, break the large unit additions into thier own mods.

Updated by rocko about 7 years ago

Floydii, do you know what the term "optional" means?

ACEX content is optional. That means you don't need to download it to play ACE2. ACE2 Core Mod in this case would be totally sufficient for you and your playerbase.
I also suggest you to wait for the next ACE2 1.10 Stable Release instead of following the "Ongoing Development" which continues beyond 1.0 Stable.

Updated by Zomba about 7 years ago

Perhaps using patronising responses isn't the most positive manner to have a constructive discussion with the user base.

The thing is that a significant number of players regard portions of ACEX to be essential to reach a certain level of realism or playability in conjunction to CORE. The view I find that is getting increasingly voiced around the traps is that there seems to be an ever constant level of significant bandwidth dedicated to adding or updating components that do little to the core value of ACEX. Perhaps these niche components could be separated into a secondary optional addon? This makes these addons available to those that want to indulge in these additional units, yet also satisfies those that prefer the more central units in ACEX and also avoiding the bandwidth penalties.

Take care.

Updated by Sickboy about 7 years ago

By using the official distribution method, Six Updater Suite, there should be very little bandwidth used, though this counts mostly for changes.
See; http://six.dev-heaven.net/wagn/Six_Updater_Suite+examples

All our features are added in ACE, while extra content is in ACEX. We choose this design especially so that you can build your own ACEX, if you feel our ACEX is not suited for you.
Personally I do not see the problem. We provide already means for people to pick what they want, on top of that, the official distribution method saves greatly on bandwidth aswell. And we even provide stable releases that only get updated every few months.
Completely new sides are already provided as modfolder too, giving you even more flexibility and choice. Personally I don't feel we should split it up even further.

Other thoughts are; maybe compatibility configs could be provided for 3rd party content (like sr5tactical did with RH packs), so that we don't have to add them to ACE at all?

Updated by Sickboy about 7 years ago

Dedicated ticket available here: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/10096

Updated by rocko about 7 years ago

  • % Done changed from 10 to 90

Updated by rocko about 7 years ago

  • Due date set to 04/30/2010

Updated by rocko about 7 years ago

  • Assignee set to rocko
  • Priority changed from Low to Normal

Updated by rocko about 7 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Assigned
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Updated by rocko about 7 years ago

  • Target version changed from 1.1 to 1.2

Updated by rocko about 7 years ago

  • Due date changed from 04/30/2010 to 05/07/2010

Updated by M1n1d0u about 7 years ago

closed ? * Echéance changé de 2010-04-30 à 2010-05-07

Updated by Sickboy about 7 years ago

  • Due date changed from 05/07/2010 to 06/04/2010
  • % Done changed from 100 to 90

The date was wrong, had been set to 1.2, should've been 1.1.
Due to our commitments to the community in regards to keeping the standard updates of low file size, while trying to group the big file size updates near the next stable release, it will be delayed until the next stable release. Sorry.

Updated by M1n1d0u about 7 years ago

arf bad news ! but you can't make separate release (acu 1.1.2 dcu 1.1.3) ?

Updated by Fisgas about 7 years ago

Considering the mistake, couldn't you make an exception?

Updated by Sickboy about 7 years ago

The mistake has no bearing on the effect we're trying to prevent with the effort to group the bigger sized updates at the stable releases.
If im not mistaken the size is rather enormous, though Rocko knows better.

Updated by M1n1d0u about 7 years ago

oki , you want prevent bigger udapte but it's ruin the mod ! If someone download udapte enter two stable udapte it's his choice not yours and if i don't make mistake a large udapte today or in one month it's the same the size don't change ... (it's my opinion)

Updated by Sickboy about 7 years ago

It ruins the mod because some nice SF chaps are delayed a couple of weeks?
Anyway, as said, Rocko will know more on the size, and we'll see what we can do.

Updated by M1n1d0u about 7 years ago

oki thanks for your "reponse" (i forget the word) for that -> It ruins the mod because some nice SF chaps are delayed a couple of weeks? = no it's just listen two or three guy with a bad connection or some size restriction is very bad ...

Updated by Zomba about 7 years ago

The entire Arma community of Australia and New Zealand is hardly two or three guys, I'm afraid. They expressed their concerns, the devs came up with a working solution to accommodate and they are executing it. Using the updater as the updater and small size content roll-out and using the stables for major content roll-out. It makes sense.

Tkae care.

Updated by Darkhorse about 7 years ago

Zomba, you will still have the problem that comes with the stable release. If you download it, you cannot use the sixupdater to keep up with the rest of the mod.

Updated by Sickboy about 7 years ago

As always the stable release is only a snapshot of the ongoing development, nothing more.
We like to put the big content near the stable releases, grouping them together while sticking to smaller updates the rest of the month.
Btw, you can convert the stable release to Six Updater compatible ;)

Updated by AnimalMother92 about 7 years ago

So the vanilla 1.1 version was just released and apparently the same content is coming in ACEX 1.2. However I wanted to notify you guys of a potential LOD/texture issue with them before they end up in ACE.

Updated by ardvarkdb about 7 years ago

As far as I know Animal you are the only one having this issue. I have tested this with my entire squad of 24 people and no one had any problems. MIght be some weird driver conflict or something.

Updated by AnimalMother92 about 7 years ago

Ok, well for me it only happens when I have Texture Quality set to "Normal". If I set it to High it looks fine. Other settings didn't seems to affect it as long as the Texture was still set to Normal. It's just weird because I haven't had that issue with any other unit (including v1.0 of these) when playing with those settings so I was a bit surprised.

Updated by ardvarkdb about 7 years ago

The only thing I can think of that is causing this that is different from v1.0 to v1.1 is that in v1.1 I switched to using hidden textures, so in essence there are only 6 models in the v1.1 pack, whereas in v1.0 there was one model for every individual unit (about 120 models).

Updated by rocko about 7 years ago

  • Status changed from Assigned to Resolved
  • % Done changed from 90 to 100

Waiting for 1.20.

Updated by rocko about 7 years ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed

Updated by Sickboy about 7 years ago

  • Due date changed from 06/04/2010 to 06/02/2010
  • Status changed from Closed to In progress
  • Priority changed from Normal to High
  • % Done changed from 100 to 90

go go goooo :D

Updated by rocko about 7 years ago

  • Status changed from In progress to Closed
  • % Done changed from 90 to 100

Updated by Sickboy about 7 years ago

These are now included.

Updated by Max255 about 7 years ago

One qeustion - will there be only AOR1, AOR2 and WDL units included in Stable? Or rest of them will be in future updates?

Updated by ardvarkdb about 7 years ago

I would like to see the Patrol and Multiplayer variants added back in. Not sure why they didn't make it into this first ACEX release.

Updated by Wingsbaron about 7 years ago

I read that some people are submitting negative comments about the download size, the integration of new units etc. Well, I'm a mid-level mission and campaign editor (always in the learning process with some samples at home) and i must say that i really like to have a solid and complete toolbox of units on hands, which ACEX provides. I tested almost every single mod on armaholic and you know, when you try to bring a scenario together, it becomes quite unapropriate to use (and request to the eventual player) a set of mods with some of them containing something like 1 item, a car, a single weapon etc. I like the fact that ACEX brings some of the "best" sets together, filtering for us some other stuff, example: bringing one Mod of seals. I don't want to request from a player to download like 5 independant sets of mods just to have a selection of...let's say french units, another 5 for weapons and another 5 for AI modules and ballistics. My highest ranked mods surely include ACE and ACEX, but also packages like BWMod where this packaging idea is implemented. And still you can easily CUSTOMIZE your ACEX content, so no excuse about bandwidth. I have a limit too.

I'd like for sure to see ardvarkdb's work in ACEX, I'll be even more happy to use it.

Updated by Sickboy about 7 years ago

I think packs is much better than single addons, however, adding everything into 1 pack is certainly not a good idea, I think a pack per faction would be great. ACEX could be split to 2-3 smaller packs for instance.
Adding everything to 1 or a few packs, is a workaround for the problem, not a solution, and not a really good one either, considering everyone has different interests, wishes and needs.
The real solution is to tackle the real issues, which is maintaining a (large) number of mods, having the right version for a specific server, etc. etc.
Endevours like Yoma Addon Sync and Six Updater Suite are IMO the answer :)

For instance, on the six-updater, if you select a server to join it will automatically select mods available on the six updater network to install/update them, and auto select mods that you already have installed.
See for an overview: http://updater.dev-heaven.net/main Mods and Servers have relations, the servers are listed further below.
Together with the amazing benefits of rsync, I believe this is more a real solution. Still a long way to go on user-friendlyness and features probably.
See http://six.dev-heaven.net/wagn/Six_Updater_Suite+Overview and especially "News Announcement: AKA The big Picture".

Updated by Wingsbaron about 7 years ago

Absolutely I agree. Updaters like Yoma etc. are great values for a modding community. Also the idea of splitting in 2-3 packages like you described is exactly what I think should be, maybe even more (I'm thinking about the concept of ACEX_PLA).

To give you an example, a while ago out of curiosity, I asked the developpers of XXXX (not to name them) if they ever considered to talk to ACE people about putting together a kind of ACEX_XXXX package or something like this, talking about advantages of Yoma, Six updater etc, and also the visibility given by the ACE2 project. I also pointed out this aspect since they seemed, at the time, to lack some resources and their ambitious project seemed to suffer from it (public releases were pending, pending and pending..,). In joining this kind of community, they could even find some other good modders etc., but until now, they're beta testing in a very closed circle of dedicated modders. By very closed, I mean that testers have to join a virtual battalion and test the product in virtual multiplayer sessions. I don't think they benefit a lot from the modding community and their public release is again pending, pending and pending.

Well every modder is free to do what he wants and I really trust that, but it seemed to me like some models and weapons developpers fear to loose their attached name to their work, even if to my knowledge you're making everything to respect that in ACE.

Concerning the wishes of different users, first I think that the quality of selected mods brought into packages like ACEX must stay high (just like now). It's not only for the fact itself, but keeping high standards could make modders more inclined to participate, seeing it as a chance to boast their work. Second, making individual packs for selected countries could eventually be interesting. USA models have a lot of dedicated modders and ACEX has some good stuff already, but for some other countries, we have also really good mods or packages out there. For some (France: Hexagon, Armée de l'ombre, Germany: BWMod, Canadian: Op NorthStar, Swedish...) we have 2 ou 3 good ones, each with unique features which could be brought together to form, for each country, a very good pack. In this sense, forming a ACEX_Country package could also bring some modders together, sharing ideas, workload and results.

Maybe one day, even custom high realism SP campaigns could be developped and brought in a dedicated ACE package...

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