Feature #966

Smoke Launcher System

Added by kju over 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

Status:Feedback Start date:04/17/2009
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Target version:-


Possible sources:
  • WGL
  • ACE
  • IkeT90
  • zGuba's work



Updated by Xeno over 8 years ago

HWM has a nice system, test it, looks really good (doesn't use smoke grenades).

Updated by Vigilante over 8 years ago

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Read HWM readme files, they seem to be very strict in others using their stuff... i dont think they will allow use of it outside their mod.

Updated by kju over 8 years ago

Do you mean the one from their air units or does their tank have one?

Updated by Vigilante over 8 years ago

I took apart some long time ago, i think it was their SF jeep and their Leo, both had very, very, VERY nice smokelauncher emulations, even the particles spread like it does with the real ones... but i found their license request quite harsh, something like not even asking if you can use/reuse parts of it AT ALL, which is ok, its their thing but maybe that changed in the meantime...

I will try to dig it up again, it was some greek mod, that i remember clearly, but i will check once more..

I found the disclaimer and its the same as back then, so its from their mod, the launchers where awesome...

By installing HWM pack you agree that:
• Editing\Remodeling any p3d from this pack is prohibited.
• Editing\Changing any texture of this pack is prohibited.
• Changing any values in the configs of this pack and distributing it is prohibited
• Modification or improvement of any script without permission first is prohibited, but you can use any script as is for your custom add-ons/missions
Generally any changes\modifications are prohibited until the final release of the mod (after that we can grant permissions on requests).
• You can use the pack to create any custom missions/campaign you wish
• You are not allowed to use this pack for commercial reasons (Games, etc)
• You are not allowed to use any content of this pack or this pack for any other game than ArmA
Hellenic Warfare Mod
1.0 Introduction
Please understand that these terms are necessary to protect the time, effort, money, blood, sweat, tears and family nagging we put into this project

The bold part being the important one, since they dont seem to be finished yet afaik...

anyway... i think it was the OFP version of it?? I clearly remember the GD240 and the Leo using smokelaunchers and their where awesome... yeah, must be OFP version, they had different camos too...

Updated by kju over 8 years ago

I will try their latest arma stuff and see if its in there.
If so I will contact them and discuss the project with em.

Updated by Vigilante over 8 years ago

yeah, please! Also their AH-64 is so superb in terms of avionic systems TADS/FLIR whatnot, im just drooling... but BTT, the smoke snuff (particles) i could do aswell, if that isnt finished or possible (from HWM side i mean)

Updated by Vigilante almost 8 years ago

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