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Rifle Dispersion Feedback(m-16, m-4)

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Is there a way to reduce the dispersion to zero in ACE for certain purposes?

In ACE it is my understanding that the rifle dispersion is bumped up for better gameplay. I never really had a problem with it while playing until I went to my unit's rifle qualification range. Under perfect conditions the ONLY thing that should effect accuracy should be wind and gravity. But even at 200 yards in ACE rounds will just randomly go off target due to dispersion rates regardless of perfect sight alignment.

Is there a way to make a map and make the dispersion zero via scripting or some other means?


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Only wind and gravity? What about the accuracy of the weapon?

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Dispersion can only be modified in configs, which leaves you with two variants:

1. Use vanilla game to conduct qualification.
2. Create a little addon that overwrites ACE dispersion values, and allow its use for the qualification.

Creating a 'no-dispersion' setting is not an option for us.

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