Feature #9614

Make fuseDistance config entry working for Rockets/Missiles/RPGs.

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Observed Result: fuseDistance config entry is not working for Missiles/Rockets.


Reported by KingHomer in #9605 :
KingHomer wrote:

The problem is the fuseDistance parameter does not work properly for most of the weapons. I tried to implement some realistic data but it had no effect at all (especially minimum range for AA missiles etc).

Desired Result: fuseDistance working for Projectiles of all Kind, especially Missiles/Rockets/RPGs

Related issues

related to A.C.E. for OA - Feature #9605: Minimum arming range missing for Rockets/RPGs Rejected 03/15/2010
related to ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker - Bug #52489: Very fast missiles are no longer visible/drawn Closed 09/25/2012


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Any updates in OA?

I wonder why this is made into a "feature" again????
Ivan Buchta himself told me prior to Arma2 release that there will be this functionality and the intention was not only for grenades and AI. I still have his PM...
So i think its a bug/non-finished thing by BI.

Updated by kju over 6 years ago

Did you test it?

It does not matter really (feature vs bug).

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