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I must just a Radio Operator in my squad :) for this :


So that i can use other things on my back such a backpack or an launcher , i know its easy to edit a rifleman in the editor so he can carry a radio but in warfare its not that easy, or i don`t know how.

Anyways i was always missing the guy in my squad with the big attenna on his back :p


Updated by M1n1d0u over 7 years ago

amazing addons i think i read in the thread ace team have some "interest" to this addon but we should have a mumble version to but i think some great developer can modify it =)

Updated by Minoza over 7 years ago

Me and my squad are using this mod with ACE without a problem... So, what is your exact problem?

Updated by Sneaker-78- over 7 years ago

Its not a problem,

Its a request for an radio operator for the use of the long radio, in my squad its perfect ,no problems at all!
for example:

In warfare i want to talk to the commander or other squad that is far away, so i need a radio for the long range ,right ?
so its would be handy to have such rifleman with a radio on his back.


Updated by Minoza over 7 years ago

Well you have to talk to Warfare mission maker then...

Updated by StieMO over 7 years ago

Is it possible to get the option to talk over longrange while u standing near a Radiotower?

Updated by Alderman over 7 years ago

Hey guys, most if not all the developers are over seeing a rewrite of the mod linked above. I am involved in connecting people with RL military communication experience to Nou and Rommel who are the two heading up the creation of a possible addition of this into ACE Mod if all goes well. If that happens I am sure they will probably create a RTO class. Or make your own by placing a rifleman and using the init line to customize the loadout, and follow the instructions for starting units with a PRC-119 backpack (See the wiki).

Updated by CarlGustaffa over 7 years ago

StieMO wrote:

Is it possible to get the option to talk over longrange while u standing near a Radiotower?

Probably not. A radio tower doesn't give anything a radio does, like encryption etc.

Updated by Pyrodox over 7 years ago

StieMO wrote:

Is it possible to get the option to talk over longrange while u standing near a Radiotower?

Simply standing next to a radio tower would do nothing for the range of a radio in real life anyway. The radio tower just places an antenna higher up to get better line of sight to other radios' antennas. Unless the radio you're using is connected to that antenna, and that antenna is tuned for the right frequency, and you have the right duplexer installed on it (for repeater systems) and an amp to broadcast at a higher wattage, you wouldn't gain anything in terms of range.

Basically, to increase range, you need the right equipment in real life, so to keep it realistic proximity to radio towers shouldn't allow you to access the long range radio equipment if you don't have any on you.

Updated by Xeno over 7 years ago

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