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Make Sniper Rifles and MGs harder to use (more realistic)

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This ticket has come from comments made in another ticket #9351

The purpose is to make sniper rifles and MGs less effective in CQB, as it stands they are nearly as effective as assault rifles in close quarters...

So these are some things that could make them more realistic, in no particular order...

- Bump up weapon sway a lot more for snipers (and MG) while standing.

- Weapon recoil, I find it hard to believe that every weapon centres exactly to the position it had before shooting.
More common at least for sniper and MG is to have a offset I think.

- Increase the weapon lag behind the players movement (like it is with the M107 & KSVK) but make it even slower and apply it to all sniper weapons (and maybe MGs) not just the M107 and KSVK.

- Remove the on-screen crosshair in all difficulties for the sniper rifle but that isn't popular with.... CQB sniper players.

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Updated by Fireball over 7 years ago

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Well, as for the last point

- Remove the on-screen crosshair in all difficulties for the sniper rifle but that isn't popular with.... CQB sniper players.

I think it was kinda a prothesis for the lack of CQB sights for some of the sniper rifles (which ACE2 introduced on some models). IRL you can aim over your scope of a many sniper rifle for a close combat kill. But I agree that the on-screen crosshairs make it too easy and some of the sniper rifles are simply too huge to be taken through doors easily - but at least that is accounted for in A2 (i.e. you get stuck in the door frame until you lower the weapon or aim down or up).

Updated by 76 over 7 years ago

Very good points, scratch the "Remove the on-screen crosshair" :)

Updated by CarlGustaffa over 7 years ago

I disagree. Sniper rifles should not have crosshairs, at least not the way they are currently implemented. Reason: They are dead accurate, something aiming over the barrel would not be. Combined with lack of "rotational inertia" (unless using alt aiming), you have a superweapon applicable to most situations. Lack of proper CQB fighting (MOUT is decent, CQB is not), the "stuck in doorframe" situation is so rare it can be dismissed as an argument (imho).

Ehmm, what ACE2 sniper rifles have CQB "sights" (incl over barrel)? I've only seen these on assault rifles. Then again, I'm not a sniper so I rarely use these.

Updated by Fireball over 7 years ago

I've seen in another game inaccuracy implemented by giving a circle-shaped cursor, when not scoped, and the weapon hitting somewhere within the cursor when firing from the hip. This could be a nice simulation instead of giving accurate aims.

Updated by wamingo about 7 years ago

I second Fireball's idea. Some random motion around the center of the cursor would be nice I think.
Although I have no idea how much would be suitable.

Outright removal of the cursor would be rather unfair on people who use Floating Zone however.

Updated by CarlGustaffa about 7 years ago

I agree. There should be a method for floaters to be able to point at something. But a circle is too accurate, and you can interpolate its center immediately. I'm suggesting a rectangular (not square), marked with 4 45° tickmarks at each corner. Center tickmark obviosuly removed. The size of the rectangle is given by the weapons dexterity value, but will also be affected by body rotation (but not 'alt aim' rotation), movement, stance, health, and stamina.

That means that submachineguns gets a lot more accuracy using crosshairs than a sniper rifle. M107 as an assault weapon would be a thing of the past, yet you can still "figure out" approximately where the center is so you can point at things for interaction (ammo crates etc). Body rotation sideways would increase the horizontal size of the rectangle. Body rotation upwards would increase the vertical size of the rectangle.

Those using floating zone would not get affected by "body rotation" as long as they are within the floating zone, since this is practically the same as 'alt aim'.

Using 45° angled tickmarks on the corners of this rectangle makes it harder to guesstimate the accurate center for weapons using a large rectangle. If a square (or circle) shape was used, this guesstimation is too accurate and too instant.

And, lastly, it increases the importance of a weapons dexterity value, which hasn't been very important since OFP when floating zone was enforced. I am one of those who can't stand the floating zone system. But we do get off way too easy by turning it off.

Updated by kju almost 7 years ago

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