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AI skill and Difficulty to kill vehicles

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For the past few releases numerous people have noted that the AI skills seem to have reverted to being so fast and accurate even on Regular settings. Before you can get a shot off you are dead, often not even having seen the enemy. It has also been seen that vehicles can take six AT hits and suffer no damage.

armor_Test_mp.utes.rar (1.2 kB) KingHomer, 03/21/2010 17:53

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AI skill depend very much on server settings, e.g SkillEnemy, PrecisionEnemy.
Also some servers may run with ZEUS AI.

Can you confirm your or the settings of the server you play on has adjusted AI settings and is not running with additional AI mods?

Updated by tromac over 7 years ago

Apologies Rocko.
Running our two Aussie OCB servers, standard mission configs, no additional mods. It has been noticed in both the Domination missions packaged with ACE as well as all other missions using ACE. No modifications to the server settings.

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What kind of Rockets/Missiles against what type of Armor?
If they cannot penetrate the armor, it won't matter if you shoot 3 6 or 10 of them :)
Also, does "suffer no damage" means no visible damage. Or that the vehicles keeps operating 100%? Movement, Firing, etc ?

For details about the Armor System, please see: http://ace.wikkii.com/wiki/Features_of_ACE2#Armor_Damage_System

Updated by Reezo over 7 years ago

In SR5 Tactical we've been experiencing this problem (tanks and medium armored vehicles requiring 3 Javelins, 2 SMAW, 4 AT4 to be neutralized) for weeks and, in all honesty, it's getting frustrating.

Domination maps get close to unplayable. Even CAS has little to no influence over the battlefield. We've tried everything but changing/removing the damage systems results in "bucket-head" playing.

I humbly believe this is one of the most serious problems for gameplay at the moment. If you want/need more information or detailed reports don't hesitate to ask. We're more than willing to offer any help available.

Thanks, as usual, for listening to us!

Updated by KingHomer over 7 years ago

An exact reproduction of what you did ingame is necessary.

Type of armor, where did you hit, the distance, the angle of impact, the action of the target after the hit.

What mission did you use, what addons where used. Please attach your RPT - as always.


Make sure you check out the attacked vehicles. It may not clearly visible if the target has beend disabled or not. Due to the limited damage model and the complexity of the script we cannot yet guarantee the damage added to any vehicle will be visible on the outside.
Furthermore vehicles do not explode anymore on destruction, only ammo/fuel explosion may appear randomly/depending on vehicle.

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Updated by KingHomer over 7 years ago

I just tested different AT weapons on Utes airport.

I attached the mission I used (it's a MP-mission).

Played with Arma2 1.05 and latest repo build.

Weapons and armor behavior as expected - no invulnerabe vehicles.

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