Bug #9274

cannot get in as gunner in TOW_TriPod

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I cannot get into a TOW_TriPod as gunner. MP Mission attached.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Unzip mission and start
2) Walk up to editor-placed TOW_TriPod
3) Attempt to "enter as gunner" with Action Menu, no action available
4) Walk toward TOW Hummer to trigger { "TOW_TriPod" createVehicle ... }
5) Attempt to mount trigger-placed TOW, same problem
6) Mount TOW Hummer, no problem


@ACE 284
@ACEX 201
@CBA 79

test-tow-mpmission.utes.zip (1 kB) 1longtime, 02/24/2010 14:01

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I think it's a matter of patience :)
What happens if you wait 20 seconds, walk shortly away from the vehicles, and then come back?

Updated by rocko over 7 years ago

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Please try and reproduce with Vanilla game.
From my testings the same issue happens. Some static weapons refuse to reveal to player after mission starts. Sometimes even refuses to work again when exiting static weapons. Best examples, AA pods.
For that reason we extended the interaction menu to static weapons as well, that you can at least board them even if they refuse to reveal the getin points.

Updated by 1longtime over 7 years ago

Ok, this is a vanilla Arma2 bug, not ACE 2. Cannot mount the TOW unless it is pointed in my face. :/ However, I've noticed in other ACE 2 missions I can mount a TOW from the side or any position. Very strange.

Filed it against Arma2 here: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/9276

Good rejection.

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