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Modset config lists non-existant addon folders

Added by Dr_Eyeball over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Category:Not an AddonSync issue?
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The Modset Configuration lists non-existant addon folders.

I have deleted or moved folders, but they still appear in the list.
Does this mean the list of folders is cached rather than being live data?
Or is there some dependency which makes them remain there?

I wouldn't care so much for single row addon items, but many of mine are extracted pbo's, so they use dozens of list rows, so my list is already hundreds of lines long.


Updated by Yoma over 7 years ago

You mean modset in the launch window?
It's not cached, however "external folders" are.
If you notice this outside of the "external folders" and are using vista/win7, check MS's wonderfull "Virtual Store" crap :-)

Also if you extract addons and they have subfolders "Addons" they will get listed, as it's not that easy to ensure an "addons" folder is in fact part of an extracted addon.

If you know a non-cpuintensive trick, do tell.

Updated by Dr_Eyeball over 7 years ago

Yes, I mean the "Modset Configuration" window which you get via modify modset or add modset button. And not the "External modfolders" tab.

I'm using Win 7.
It does appear to be this "Virtual Store" crap, which I haven't heard of before.
It's creating and finding files under:
C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2

Thanks for identifying the issue.
If that's the case and that's normal, then you can close this task.

Updated by Yoma over 7 years ago

Could you do me a favour:
-Clear out the entire virtual store bohemia folder (make a backup of it, just to ensure).
-Try downloading some stuff with addonsync.
-Check if there are new things in the virtual store folder.

I kind of built in a UAC popup thingy in one of the previous versions, but maybe it won't launch 7z in higher privilage mode, thus keeps making files in the virtual store folder.

What the virtual store tries to do is "protect" the "program files" folder by using some symlink tricks.
It's mostly good at creating havoc.

Updated by Yoma over 7 years ago

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Just tested the UAC thing again myself, seems to work ok.
The files must have gotten there through some other program that was not run with privileges to write to the program files folder.

Updated by Yoma over 7 years ago

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Updated by Dr_Eyeball over 7 years ago

In case you're wondering, the virtual store folders were created by cpbo.exe, before I had adjusted permissions on the Arma2 folder.

(After adjusting the permissions, it was baffling me why it said the folders were already there and I couldn't see them...)

Updated by Yoma over 7 years ago

I kind of figured that out allready :-)

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