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NVG range/resolution/clarity

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All NVG (including the use of tanks and military vehicles) is an important parameter - the range of detection and range identification.
Implementing this would increase the realism of the game.
A lot of examples on www.youtube.com:

1.jpg (194.4 kB) Boevik, 02/23/2010 18:19

2.jpg (266.5 kB) Boevik, 02/23/2010 18:19

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Updated by rocko over 7 years ago

Maybe you can choose a better title for your suggestion?

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Updated by Boevik over 7 years ago

rocko wrote:

Maybe you can choose a better title for your suggestion?

"Range of observation and identification of NVG" - not too long a title?

Updated by Sickboy over 7 years ago

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Still don't get what you actually mean? What feature are you looking for?

Updated by Boevik over 7 years ago

Range observation and identification, provided by night vision devices, depends on the value of natural night illumination, transparency of the atmosphere and contrast between the object of observation and background. At high illumination, on a moonlit night in the presence of external illumination, if the object of observation is located on a light background (sand, snow), the range of identification increases. At low illumination, low transparency of the atmosphere, if the object of observation is located on a dark background (arable land, tree trunks, etc.), the range of identification is reduced.

In link to the video, which we first see a deer on the shore of the lake. Then a mysterious stain on a vague background.
Night vision device generation 3 has vision range of ~800 meters.

Updated by rocko over 7 years ago

Maybe something for BI to fix - though I still don't get it.

Updated by Minoza over 7 years ago

Maybe he is speaking of visible range that NVG covers. When you carry NVGs your view distance is kinda limited (which I guess is realistic)- to futher explain - the greater the distance , the darker the image gets.

Was this what you meant Boevik?

Updated by q1184 over 7 years ago

Well, we could use setViewDistance _maxdistanceforthiskindofNVG when NVG is on, and return it to previous value when it's off. Also some PP effects might be applied.

Updated by q1184 over 7 years ago

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Updated by Boevik over 7 years ago

Not Surely nobody used night vision device? I gave a link to the video, where everything is clear.
I'm not particularly good at this, but I think you can achieve this blurring effect, ie the farther the object, the greater the blur.

Updated by Boevik over 7 years ago

I found another video, the vision range on it is even worse. Objects of the soldiers difficult to distinguish.

Updated by luckyhendrix over 7 years ago

You must not forget that on these kind of image the resolution might appear to be shit, but IRL your eye is a lot more accurate and can more easily dinstinghish things.
NVG are not a camera on one side with a screen on the other side , with illumination beetween the 2. It's really a scope.

Updated by tcp over 7 years ago

I think he is talking about silhouettes and back-lighting. Not an expert, but IRL (at any significant range) NV is only effective when it has a light source to enhance.

A man or any feature will stand in stark contrast to the moon when they are standing in front of it or in the open where it is shining, while something hiding in the shadows will not be visible no matter how high the contrast is set on your NVGs.

In other words, the BI system is ass-backward because, while very bright light will overexpose the image and direct light will become blinding, a fair amount of ambient light should help your visibility, not hurt it.

Updated by Alderman over 7 years ago

That video also looks like older civilian grade NVG btw.

Updated by UGLY58 over 7 years ago

The current BIS NVG remind me of the c1990 era NVG. These were very light sensitive, They would over expose and destroy the image whenever you looked at cultural lighting. Equally so when you looked into dark areas with say only dim starlight or on an overcast night they would sparkle out, meaning the image would get very grainy very quickly. On darker nights with the old NVG you would gain lots of light sparkles these would be generated as the resolution of the picture got lower and lower and the gain ramped up to try and generate a picture.

Things I am glad to say improved rapidly 1990-2000 as the technology developed, slowly able to cope with increased cultural lighting and darker and darker nights.

Even these days NVG limit visible range.

Just like the LODS on a model reduce detail at range, that is what happens with NVG but still very much dependent on the background illumination. Today the image never really gets to sparkled black but it does get to the point on dark nights when you still can`t see very far and with poor detail. Remember that cultural lighting in some countries does not exist !

I suggest that the NVG issue here is tackled in this manner, by reduction of detail and range dependent on Generation of design and background illumination.

However on these dark nights throw some illumination rounds up (IR or Visible) and you can see much further with the modern equipment than you could on previous stuff.

Generation (Gen) 1-3 means things have changed a lot as described above, but so has the cost.

Gen 1 is available at Walmart !
Gen 2 is available to Most Military
Gen 3 is available to Modern Military Nations
and Gen 4 is manufacturers waffle....


Updated by mr.g-c over 7 years ago

There is already a very very similar feature request open by Dslyexci, in which he askes to model different styles/qualities/resolutions for NVGs (maybe "gen1/2/3/4"). So the better equipped Soldiers have a advantage over poorly (older gen) equipped ones.


Updated by Rommel over 7 years ago

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Perhaps a slight PPEffect of blur, so close targets are not effected, but further out is much harder.

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Rommel wrote:

Perhaps a slight PPEffect of blur, so close targets are not effected, but further out is much harder.

Players could disable PostProcessing in their graphic options to disable NVG quality loss (if implemented by blur PP).

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