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Teach the AI to use smoke grenades

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ACE has added some really awesome abilities to the Arma 2 AI (such as firing RPGs at helicopters). It seems a natural skill for them would be to use smoke grenades, but they do not.

Thankfully smoke nades actually block AI vision (thanks again to ACE) making them actually useful in SP. I think it would be a really great feature if the AI had the ability to autonomously throw smoke grenades.

The ability has already sort of been done by VFAI: It will cause units to throw smokeshells whenever they're hit. They will try to throw smoke into the direction of the gunner to block his view.

(This is not a request for adding a certain addon or copying that function exactly, it's just an example.) I feel this would add a lot to the game and improve the AI even more.


Updated by JDMT over 7 years ago

Make them fire smoke grenades from tanks, etc too

Updated by stubs over 7 years ago

It would be great to have parameters such as...
1. throw smoke if noticed by enemy and x(little) amount of cover is within x radius.
2. throw smoke if being suppressed.
3. throw smoke if being fired on by sniper.
4. throw smoke if courage/morale is low or retreating.
5. throw smoke if spotted by armour and has little or no AT weapons avaliable.

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BIS should solve this not us.

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If BIS should solve it, we need no ticket here but in the CIT.

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Can this be cleaned up (of ACE references) and moved to CIT, or should I make a new ticket over in CIT myself?

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