Feature #9164

Add a shortcut option key to switch to rifle

Added by Robalo over 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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Target version:1.5 (OA)
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Say you have a lot of items in your gear, like smokeshells, flashbangs, grenades, demo etc.
You throw a smoke nade, next second a bad guy comes from around the corner. To bring your rifle up and be able to shoot, first you must
cycle through all of that gear, grenades, demo etc. instead of simply hitting a key (or combo), resulting in death and frustration.
There should be a shortcut that would select the first muzzle of your currently held weapon or to pistol as a fallback.
BIS should do this instead, but maybe ACE team can do it faster.


Updated by afp over 7 years ago

There is already some other issue to have a separate key for throwing grenade. I guess that must be a better idea.

Updated by Robalo over 7 years ago

Having a key to throw grenade can be useful but that does not eliminate the issue. Instead of implementing shortcuts to throw grenade, throw smoke, throw flashbang etc. I was proposing a single shortcut "return to main weapon".

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