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Grenade Damage Radius

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Is there any way that this could be changed? The current grenades seem to kill you if you're within 1-2m, but past that they only very lightly wound you, no bleeding or anything.


Updated by SimonC979 over 7 years ago

Agreed, IRL the M67 can cause casualties at 15m (fas.org)
The RGD-5 is pretty much the same, injuries out to 15m (en.wikipedia.org)

Updated by SimonC979 over 7 years ago

Edit: Double post.

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Updated by sgtmoody1944 over 7 years ago

Agreed: in the games that I've played, rarely are there ever fatalities from grenades (especially hand grenades): those only happen if I get lucky and lob a grenade right at the feet of an AI soldier who doesn't seem to react or try to run away...

Updated by q1184 over 7 years ago

Finding good values is not as easy as it sounds, as damage drops off exponentially beyond indirecthitrange - at twice the indirecthitrange the damage will be only 0.05*indirecthit, at 3*indirecthitrange it will be as low as 0.025*indirecthit. Hard to make a grenade reach farther, while only keeping it deadly at close ranges and not overpowering it tremendously.
For those interested, the empiric formula for indirecthit I found back in the day is:
(x - distance to grenade):
x <= indirecthitrange: damage(x) = indirecthit
x > indirecthitrange: damage(x) = indirecthit*exp(-3*(x-indirecthitrange)/indirecthitrange)

where 'damage' is hit taken by individual selections (head-body-hands-legs). It then is divided by overall armor and selection armor, which afterwards is used to calculate the overall soldier damage.

Updated by Alderman over 7 years ago

Killing radius is 5m, and 15m is the causality causing radius.

Fragments can still travel some good distance though, but that's just a RL thing, not something of concern for this game.

Updated by SimonC979 over 7 years ago

Is it not possible to increase indirecthitrange? That might do it for closer range stuff, whilst keeping the maximum damage down, and it would still have the same sort of drop-off of damage.

Updated by JDMT over 7 years ago

Can't you use the frag effects from the claymore for the frag grenades?

Updated by Sickboy over 7 years ago

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Updated by Minoza over 7 years ago

I think you can apply same ticket for mortar artillery and mines... Their damage radius is simply too small... From RL experience I ahve many friends who have been into war and they worked with this. One of them worked with mortars, he said damage radius from one mortar grenade is 30-50 meters at least... Same for mines. Yet in game, if you stand 15m away from mine you wont get wounded.

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