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Extra cargo positions

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I have been interested in this for a while, but I think it would be a nice feature to addon on to current vehicles in ACE.
What I mean by extra cargo positions are positions on a vehicle that are often used for emergency transport in a Hot zone.

There are two scripts currently avalible that show exactly what I mean:

BTR additional seats: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=7808

BMP-3 additional seats: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=7807

(both come with a demo mission for demonstration)

However I also feel that a new script added to allow two soldiers to go onto the fixed wings of the Super Cobra (AH-1W).

I agian feel that this would add an larger sense of realism, and may help to increase teamwork involved in ACE 2 aswell.

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duplicates A.C.E. for OA - Feature #6581: "Emergency mount" of a vehicle Expired 12/07/2009


Updated by Trracer over 7 years ago

Wait a minute, you want people to sit on those small wings while the heli flies? That's not very realistic is it? :)

Updated by Xeno over 7 years ago

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By looking at the pictures on armaholic...

it seems it is a simple attachto with the units playing a sit animation.
Don't know if it is worth it to go through the hassle to get it working in MP.

Cobra ? Err no :)

Updated by Jen over 7 years ago

Updated by PeaceDoctor over 7 years ago

Voted yes. If it is "doable" in real life and in the game why not?

The only problem obvious is the lack of realism if you remain "attached" to the vehicle even if it is going at high speed etc...
You will bounce off the bradley if it is going at full speed in a rough terrain. So voted yes if it is possible to also include those physical limits.

Updated by Minoza over 7 years ago

Voted yes! I agree with PeaceDoctor, you shouldn't be able to stay attached at high speeds/rough terrain.

Voted no on the Cobra thing. I'm guessing that was extreme situation and I am pretty sure it isn't safe to do that in normal situations. There's no need to extract wounded that way in Arma.

Updated by pufu over 7 years ago

why don't you do it mission side?

Updated by Evil_Echo over 7 years ago

Voting no.

People used to do crazy things like ride on the hull of a tank ( imagine main gun firing.. ) or clinging to wings of cargo plane like Russian paratroopers did in early WWII. But possible does not equate to likely or a good idea.

This idea could easily be carried to obsurd levels. Plus attachTo tends to be very laggy when used on high-speed vehicles like air-craft. I don't think lagging into a tail-rotor would be very much fun.

Updated by suhsjake over 7 years ago

I voted no as it can be done mission side.

@Evil Echo

Its not a crazy thing. People sitting on the bench seats of the Little Bird or in the Cargo Door of the Black hawk. The Russians still sit on the top of BMD/BMP, BTR series of vehicles due to small space.

Updated by CJoriginal over 7 years ago

Trracer wrote:

Wait a minute, you want people to sit on those small wings while the heli flies? That's not very realistic is it? :)

As peacedoctor said, it is used in real life situations but it is only used in real emergencies.

I don't think it is a problem that people should be able to climb on top of the tank even though it sounds absurd, if one transport breaks down in a convoy who are retreating, in real life people will clamber on top of other vehicles to get transported to safety.
I also agree with the idea of high speed and terrain, as if they were going at 100mph over rough terrain it is highly likely someone will fall off.
Also those who do decide to climb onto the vehicle will be exposed to small arms fire as well as heavy arms fire, so even if it brings advantages it also brings other disadvantages.

Updated by Evil_Echo over 7 years ago

The benches on Littlebird and cargo door on the Blackhawk are assigned stations on a model and irrelevent to this ticket.

The fact that Russians still ride into battle on top of vehicles does not mean it's not crazy - just that the Russians don't place much value on protecting ordinary infantry. You are extremely exposed to both incoming and outgoing fire.

Anyway - the request here is basically to allow an arbitrary number of soldiers to cling to a moving vehicle in largely arbitrary locations. Using attachTo to do this means you are glueing them more or less well to the model. Anyone who has watched a chopper lifting a vehicle in A2 can see exactly what that effect looks like and how it can sometimes be laggy even with one object when moving at high speed. Besides the performance issues, there is a very significant risk of glitching causing unpredictable death.

Don't think this can be implimented in any fashion that would be reliable or even realistic enough to avoid being the source of unending complaints and sarcastic videos pointing out how goofy 1-4 guys look while being dragged through the air by a helo possessing invisible tractor beams.

Updated by VKing over 7 years ago

From what I've read, russian troops don't actually ride on their vehicles in a combat situation, but prefer not to be crammed inside their vehicles when it's not necessary.

That aside, on the technical issue, the only decent way of doing external seats in my opinion is to have actual cargo seats on the vehicle, ala the BMD. This means it's not possible to do it on the vanilla vehicles, but the attachto method wouldn't be worth the potential problems it causes, IMHO.

Updated by PeaceDoctor over 7 years ago

I think too much emphasis has been put on it being a "russian thing". I repeat again: all armies do it under certain circumstances.
In NAM for example US soldiers used to ride on top of M113s. Why? Here are some benefits: soldiers riding can provide a better surveillance, most of the time providing an above the ground 360° coverage.
The examples are many.

You can also make them ride on top because the inside is used to transport equipement. Or already full of soldiers. That "transportation mode" works well for "short" distances.
During war you preserve as much as you can your men's strengh. Why making them walk 10 miles in an area that was already scanned for threat when they can ride a passing convoy?

There are many reasons why to do so.

And no: Russians do not ride on top of armoured vehicles shooting around Hollywood style (nobody does). Nor do they "not value" the life of their soldiers. Russians are not backward WWII armies like movies present them. It is a myth. Russians are actually very professionnal soldiers (no: I am not Russian).

If people in game are going to "ride into battle" using that feature that is not the "feature's fault", but because some people are morons. You even see people driving tanks alone in the game, it is highly unrealistic a soldier would do that in battle, still some do, the examples are many here again.

That is why as I said before, this feature is interesting if it can simulate what would happend: falling at high speed movements, rough terrain, take damage from incoming fire etc...

Just my opinion.

Updated by Evil_Echo over 7 years ago

Please stop arguing about the "realism" of this.

Instead - look at the technical argument. You cannot do this to without either modifying existing models that we don't have access to in order to add a bunch of emergency seats ( and the huge action menu list that would display ) or using attachTo - which I've stated would have some very bad side effects.

Summary - this idea is dead on arrival.

Updated by Xeno over 7 years ago

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As long as handling of such a feature (I'm talking about MP) is not possible without weird scripting it won't happen.

There are other drawbacks of attachTo which doesn't improve the situation.

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