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Body dragging animation

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Something that bothered me but I would classify as a mostly "eye candy" thing, so very low on a priority list but still somewhat important to avoid some bugs or add some realism: the current vanilla body dragging animation is awkward (using ArmA's modules. But I am very happy it does exist.

1) I wish it was possible, if the game engine permits it, to have bodies react more realistically. The current animation is as if you were dragging a fixed steel dummy with no articulations.
An example of a movement: you drag someone injured, take a turn to go behind a house for cover to give him first aid treatement. The injured's legs will remain in the same line of your sight.

So it would be cool if injured characters could be given some working articulations if possible. Of course not something you see in other games like you are dragging (for example Hitman) skeleton-free dummies which dropped from a height can bend themselves backwards to be able to kiss their toes with no problem!


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Animations have nothing to do with modules, it's an animation available like any other animation.

All in all not possible because of engine limitations.

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