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Add stretchers for medievacs/casevacs

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With the new medical options, I though it would be a good idea to boost the amount of medical equipment but the main one I feel should be added is a portable stretcher. Almost every platoon has at least one of these to incase they need to evacuate a majorly injured unit from the battlefield. With new designs, it is possible to carry one stretcher with just one man whilst it is unpacked, but some heavy duty ones need to be shared between two people.

Some examples of current ones can be found here:


It would also be a very good idea to add the ability to put stretchers into vehicles by sliding them across seats. Of course only a few vehicles are built to take stretchers but it would be a very useful ability to put a injured soldier on a stretcher into a humvee, were they can be taken to safety and recieve treatment.
Here are a few figures to show what some popular vehicles capacities for stretchers are:

Humvee = 1 (2 if ambulance)
MTVR = 2-3
Stryker = 2
UH60 = 4

It may also be a good idea to add the ability to attach the stretcher to a rope deployed from a helicopter, allowing the stretcher with the patient to be winched to safety. A diagram of how this looks can be found below:

A diagram to show this can be found here: http://www.nexternal.com/medtech/images/JSALift1.jpg

I feel if this is added, it will add a lot more teamwork into ACE as it will make alot more possibilities avalible to people whilst they are reliant on the skill of their team.


Updated by M1n1d0u over 7 years ago

vote yes nice idea but really hard to realise

Updated by luckyhendrix over 7 years ago

looking to the logistic script R3F made could be interresing, it allowed to cary object while walking slowly it would fit a strecher carried by 1 man

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So who of you guys will make a stretcher model ?

A winch ?

Character animations ?

Updated by rocko over 7 years ago

I have such a model, Xeno.

Updated by Xeno over 7 years ago

Feel free to implement it.

But I want AI support too!
Means, AI should put a unit on the stretcher and then pull the stretcher to the next hospital.


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Updated by mr.g-c over 7 years ago

Xeno wrote:

Character animations ?

In VBS2 its used simply with "attach to" command IIRC, Soldiers carrying the stretchers put there rifle on back(animation) and can only walk slowly.

Would be quite interesting how to solve that when two human players carrying the stretchers, means who is the one controling that thing....

Updated by Alderman over 7 years ago

The thing about this would be to have it take up 4 normal seats if lets say you load a stretcher into a chopper across the seats of a H-60. I think you should have to have litter patients and ambulatory patients depending on sustained injuries, this would also make the use of a 9 line medevac request more usable for in game application as one of the lines in the medevac request requires number of ambulatory patients, and litter patients.

I started working with Mookie on a script before ACE came out that was a addon to the old revive script, but never got it going.

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Updated by binary about 7 years ago

Sickboy/rocko/Xeno - How will this actually be used in-game ? Will it be used from the "radial" menu or how ??

Updated by Xeno about 7 years ago

Just drag an unconscious unit to the stretcher. You'll then get an action menu entry to load the unit into the stretcher. To pull it out use the interaction menu.

Updated by rocko about 7 years ago

Addition to Xeno:

Stretchers should be also available from following vehicles.

- HMMWV Ambulance
- Vodnik Ambulance
- BMP2 Ambulance
- M113 Ambulance
- maybe some more medical vehicles (MH60 does not have "reasonable cargospace")

Stretcher actions available are:
- Get in as front carrier
- Get in as back carrier (only available when there is a front carrier)
- Front carrier can drop/put down the stretcher
- Both can pickup the stretcher and carry it on back/If carried on back, put it on ground
- When stretcher is lifted (w or w/o injured) you can:
-- walk slowly
-- jog (allowed due to lacking "fast walking")
-- Anything else that would make you have to drop the stretcher in RL automatically drops the stretcher (climbing ladders, sprinting, taking a knee, going prone, though many stuff WIP still)

- You can also just use the stretcher to transport an unjured player/AI from A to B, in a faster manner than drag/carry. Moving an injured back to a vehicle makes it necessary to unload from stretcher and put in vehicle of choice

Updated by luckyhendrix about 7 years ago

sounds wonderfull , great job , can't wait to test.

Updated by luckyhendrix about 7 years ago

how can you unload the wounded from the strecher ? there's no action and I can't get the radial menu on the stracher like on vehicle.

Updated by Xeno about 7 years ago

Works fine here.

Updated by stebbi92 about 7 years ago

I do not get an action in my action menu to do anything with the stretcher, i tried wounding an AI, having the stretcher in my gear, taking it out and moving him towards it, no action. How do i do this?

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