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Suggestion: Create an SDM-R/SAM-R and 30-round magazines loaded with the Mk262 Mod0/1

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I believe an SDM-R for US Army Designated Marksman models and an SAM-R for USMC DM models would be a good addition. For now, an SDM-R's model could easily be approximated by utilizing the standard M16A4 model with an ACOG and bipod mounted to it. It's configuration could be set to grant slightly better accuracy as the SDM-R is an accurized rifle. The SAM-R could also be modeled with the standard M16A4, but would probably require a bit more work to model with complete accuracy. The SAM-R would basically be an M16A4 with a Leupold scope and bipod, or modeled as a completely new weapon. Both weapons would function best when used in conjunction with the Mk262 ammunition mentioned in the other portion of this suggestion.

The second portion of the suggestion is to create 30-round magazines loaded with Mk262 Mod0/1 77gr 5.56x45mm ammunition. These rounds are issued to Special Forces soldiers in the US Military and are in use. They use "open tip match" bullets and have good fragmentation characteristics at range compared to standard M855 loadings. A class for the magazines could be created such as "ACE_30Rnd_556X45_MK262_STANAG" and it could be loaded into any weapon which uses the STANAG M16 magazines. I believe these would be better suited to use in weapons such as the SDM-R, SAM-R, SPR and SOCOM M4A1s, as the current 20 Round magazines loaded with simulated "heavy" ammunition aren't often utilized by the US Military.


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Updated by AnimalMother92 over 7 years ago

Yes, please! I would love to see this.

Updated by CarlGustaffa over 7 years ago

"as the current 20 Round magazines loaded with simulated "heavy" ammunition aren't often utilized by the US Military."

When I do a google image search on mk12 spr, roughly 95% of the images shows the Mk12 with the 20rnd feed system. I say lets keep the 20rnd mag "unique" in terms of being the only one capable of using the Mk262. And lets keep it for the Mk12 SPR.

Typically ammunition is rarely an issue in missions. With a 30rnd Mk262 available, who would be using M855 anymore? The Mk12 SPR is a bit more "special purpose" than SDM-R (which I find to be discontinued, ehh, what?). A regular M16 with longer barrel, using standard ammunition, with a Leupold scope for squad distance ranging, and bipods, would be better. You don't have to think about special ammunition within the squad and ammo sharing would work seamlessly. It would be special ammunition similar to SD and using the ammo exchange system, but it's nothing the player should have to think about.

So basically, lets keep the 20rnd Mk262 unique for the Mk12 SPR for now. If we need something with more punch, it would be better to up the caliber and have some 7.62 based rifles for that.

Updated by Pyrodox over 7 years ago

I've seen a lot of pics of the 20-round magazine in the SPR, but they all seem to be "stiting on table" type of pics of the weapon system... Out of the "in use" pics I've seen of operators coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan more often then not I've seen 30 rounders in them. Though I'm not suggesting completely removing the 20 round magazine, just making a 30 round version available.

An M14 set up in the DM (scope/bipod) config using the wood stock and cheek rest that were/are issued to US Army DMs would be useful, as well, for the US Army faction (already have the DMR for USMC.) But it appears as if the SDM-R and SAM-R are the way forward in terms of issued DM rifles. Mainly I'm interested in seeing the SDM-R for use in the US Army faction because it appears to be a better weapon for realistic armament of the US Army faction DM.

I still think 30 round magazines for the Mk262 would be useful, they need not completely replace the 20 round model already available, but be available along with them. It would be up to the mission designer to decide how many to make available if you don't want everyone to carry them.

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CarlGustaffa wrote:

The Mk12 SPR is a bit more "special purpose" than SDM-R (which I find to be discontinued, ehh, what?)

The SDM-R is still in use. I was issued one for my deployment (that I'm currently on) with the 3rd Infantry Division (US Army). On top of that, there are 2 other DMs in my platoon (of 3 squads) that also have SDM-Rs.

I'd love to see the SDM-R in ACE2, mainly because I use one in real life.

While they both weigh the same - the SDM-R and the Mk 12 SPR - the difference is that SDM-Rs are typically given to standard combat arms units and the Mk 12 SPR is seen primarily with SF units.

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Updated by Pyrodox over 7 years ago

I see we got the 30-round Mk262 magazines in the 239 update.

Nice, hopefully we can get the SDM-Rs as well. I'm going to look into creating the model, if I can make a usable model I will post it if you wish to use it.

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Updated by Pyrodox over 7 years ago

I see someone posted WIP models for the SDM-R and SAM-R over in http://dev-heaven.net/issues/8971

These seem like they'd be the perfect solution if you guys aren't working on your own already.

Updated by LeChacal over 7 years ago

i'm the creator of the Ofcra SDM-R,SAM-R and SVDK (http://dev-heaven.net/issues/8971).
My models is done, but i have 2 probleme,one with texture and with model.

Updated by AnimalMother92 over 7 years ago

Wow, the models look really nice. Hopefully you manage to sort those issues out :)

Updated by Scubaman3D almost 7 years ago

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I know this is super late and you probably fixed it by now but the problem you're having is with the textures. You probably used the PS plugin and chose the wrong settings for saving them.

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Updated by LeChacal almost 7 years ago


This problem are fixed, but i always not solved the probleme with the muzzle flash.

Updated by LeChacal almost 7 years ago

I can give my 3D if dev wants to insert them

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