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Timer interface for Satchels

Added by Jackal over 7 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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It would be nice if, instead of the ugly and clumsy BIS method of setting the timer on a satchel, the ACE team could introduce an interface which is accessed via the action menu option made availabe when looking at a placed satchel charge.

The action "Set Timer" for example, might produce a digital timer interface which allows the player to select either a specific countdown or specific clock time for the satchel to detonate. This would be cool for missions which require split second timing and coordination.

If I've raised this suggestion in the wrong manner please accept my apologies. Great job on the mod so far fellas, really great job.

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Updated by Minoza over 7 years ago

Voted yes! Would be very useful.

Updated by PeaceDoctor over 7 years ago

Voted yes too: in complex missions it would be much more convenient and faster

Updated by rocko over 7 years ago

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Updated by CarlGustaffa over 7 years ago

Lots of times when a timer interface is needed. Make it general purpose and easy to hook into so that mission designers can call it up using custom parameters. No "Set satchel timer" hardcoded in the interface text i.e, although that could show if it was sent as a parameter.

Updated by dslyecxi over 7 years ago

Another thing that would be nice would be multiple detonation frequencies for satchels. ie, upon placing a satchel, you could have an option to set to one of x-many frequencies. Then, from the "explosives dialog", you would have buttons that could detonate any of the frequencies.

Example usage would be:
Three paths are determined to be possible avenues of attack. In normal ArmA, you'd have to have three different people set explosives, so at each could detonate individually. With this, you could instead have one person put all the explosives down, assign them different frequencies, and selectively detonate them.

Taking it further, it could be interesting to have a "demolitions gadget" that is tied to this functionality, and have it so that once the owner was killed, the gadget could be recovered and used to detonate any explosives linked to it - instead of the current issue where a satchel becomes useless once the planter of it dies.

Updated by Jackal over 7 years ago

Nice dslyecxi, I like it. Especially the recoverable detonator!

Updated by PLR over 7 years ago

Excellent idea!

As far as functionality goes it would also be nice(and safe) to make timers and frequencies a pre-setting before placement. This could return some of the speed to satchel placement when in a difficult situation(like placing a satchel under a tower in domination while under fire as an example).

I would like the idea of having to arm the satchel once it has been placed to add another safety barrier from accidental detonation.

Updated by fireship4 over 7 years ago

Also a yes from me. I like the idea of having a detonator, but is it realistic/possible to also make any detonator work with any remote det. satchel placed anywhere at any time? That is have someone in town place a satchel then you detonate it from afar with your detonator set on the right frequency?

Updated by CarlGustaffa over 7 years ago

It should still be set in 30 second intervals. That way the scipt only has to perform the regular timer action x number of times when you hit the ok button. The vanilla (increase timer) action should also be removed from players. Same with (blow charge) action, it should only appear some 30 seconds or so seconds after the set timer button was pressed or the charge was laid.

Updated by Minoza over 7 years ago


Agreed, atm the biggest problem for example is if the person who set the charges dies... No one else can set off his cahrges, I find that weird... Using suggested method one could pick up that detonator and set off someones else charge/charges...

Should we open new ticket for this?

Updated by HomerJohnston over 7 years ago

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I'm interested in getting this developed - I will leave it on the back burner until after I finish more important things. If anyone has been doing anything related to this, please let me know ASAP before I start, or assign the project to yourself. This will probably take me a month or more from when I start to get 100% done.

Updated by Trexian over 7 years ago

Voted yes, as well - particularly to Dyslexci's idea of a standardized interface for a detonator object.

In working up the claymore addon, there are several functions, such attaching a tripwire, that are clumsy to implement via addaction. A dialog-based implementation with various options would be fantastic.

To repeat the theme - the ability to set an ambush to simultaneously explode several charges - regardless who placed them - would be a great improvement.

Updated by Jackal over 7 years ago

Great news Homer. Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with. If/when the times comes and you need any help testing let me know. Would love to help out if I can.

Updated by rocko almost 7 years ago

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