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Terrorists/Taliban Units

Added by SamuelJackS over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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There are desert themed US Soldiers and SF Units in ACE2 but no suitable opponent for them like Terrorist Units...

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Updated by KingHomer over 7 years ago

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You got some proper models?

Updated by SamuelJackS over 7 years ago

Well there are already some proper models released:


Some of them look really good a combination of these models would be even better...

Updated by Banderas over 7 years ago

You can add them and use them with ACE 2 without any problems, why raise the download size of ACEX? Not everything has to be in ACE 2...

Updated by SamuelJackS over 7 years ago

Same goes for the Binkovksi and PLA units and still they are included. It just would be much easier for missionmakers and also for the users not to have to download the units separately to play a mission, since these units are a basic component for any desert type mission...

Updated by Meatball0311 over 7 years ago

Yeah but as far as I am aware of they need to do an update the them as there is an error.

Updated by Evil_Echo over 7 years ago

Suggest taking the same approach as Fromz and creating a ACE_Taliban mod. That avoids bloat issues.

Updated by rocko over 7 years ago

We can probably convert the 100+ ACE1 Insurgents, yet I dunno how much work is needed to convert properly to Arma2 specs.

Updated by Slothophile over 7 years ago

We have been running the whole desert mercs pack for about a week on various versions of ACE2 without issue.

Updated by binary over 7 years ago

The ACE1 insurgents were indeed very good..
It would certainly be nice to have them added to ACEX as well.

I think that the main "problem" right now, is that we have no desert counterpart to the USMC/US Army forces.
Personally I dont really care if i'm fighting Taleban, Russians, Americans or Chinese, but woodland camoflages just don't clash in the desert ;-)

Updated by Meatball0311 over 7 years ago

Well we definitely need to have some radical Islamic terrorists types. I mean there actually is a major war that is occuring right now you know. That would be a great addition to this already marvelous mod. I personally think the idea of ACE putting some out would be great. That is I would appreciate it really much because ACE is putting out some great quality work. :)

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