Bug #8374

Stars are visible below the horizon

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Target version:1.54.72888
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When flying at night, ascend to a high altitude (above your visibility range) and the stars are still visible 360 degrees around you. There shouldn't be anything below the horizon.

arma2_2010-06-19_07-05-33-45.jpg (21.8 kB) CarlGustaffa, 06/19/2010 05:18

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It's connected with the view and draw distance (also seen in dense fog, #1772), which only remove all objects and also landscape. IMO the landscape should never completely disappear but probably just should persist without any textures or rather "true" fog effects should be used, where you only see white/gray after some distance and all objects, landscape AND the sky is alpha-blended at the fog view distance.

EDIT: They could just alpha-blend the whole rendering beyond fog view distance.

Updated by CarlGustaffa almost 7 years ago

The stars are also rendered in front of the moon, see attached picture. That is not how the real world works :D

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best to make a new ticket CG

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Taken screenshots from [0,0,5000] on Utes.

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Version is OA I guess?

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Fixed in 71819

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Fixed in 71952.

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