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Bullet penetration of objects

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It's hardly possible to shoot a targed which is behind a wooden fence or any other "useless cover". All weapons are to weak in penetration and get deflected too much. Many objects just stop bullets, which wouldn't give big resisance. Like small trees or the edges of wooden houses. Even shooting trough leaves, with a target closely behind it, is just a matter of luck.

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Mate sorry to say, yet this is way too generic.

Bullet penetration works just fine for many objects, like you can injure or
kill people through specific materials.

So you need to bring up specific situations with reproducible steps
to get anywhere here.

Updated by Alex72 over 7 years ago

Like Kju stated you have to be more specific. Remember that depending on bullet velocity and material - the bullets will many time change course after going through a material and therefor miss whats behind. Unless proper repro steps showing what ammo/material its hard for BIS to know which you mean.

Make a simple example mission with the specific weapons/materials you mean.

Updated by Raidar over 7 years ago

I will make some examples, sorry for not respondig. Aint got the time at the moment.

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Still needs feedback.

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Got no time to continue. Duty calls :P
Grtz +Thx Ra!dar

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