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Recce Vehicule

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We already have The Styker RV for Close air support teams. Great but its missing something, a telescopic camera/laser mast. Ive seen this on real canadian LAVIII and Coyotes (LAV25). The vehicle could have a zoomed range finder and bearing display to safely get artillery grids over tree tops. The mast would be invisible for Ai the the rest of the features would come back to you Devs !

I really hope to see this kind of recce assets since im a dedicated Fire support dude !

Sorry for my English


Updated by M1n1d0u over 7 years ago

vote yes , very cool to have this vehicule in ace 2

in arma 1 or ofp i don't know BW mod have a fennek in reco version with a mate and a uav monitor

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CC from BIs forum

After brief research , i found that USarmy uses M7 FiST Bradleys , but no deployable mast
And the USMC use unmounted infantry for there FO's with fire support system (FS3)
What ever comes out DEVs head i will be very pleased if they make the life of Forward observers in Arma 2 easier.
Because i think that theres not enough people online at the same time to have 1 guy doing CAS ground support and an other one doing fire missions for artillery. I usually do both at the same time. But due to the lack of map tools like Map plus 1.0 (i know its coming) im doing dangerous approximation on grid coordinates for indirect fire. And at night , carrying a Laser designator and a range finder(for bearings) makes me dependent on countless 40mm flares lol.

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Why do you use 40mm flares? I mean, as an FO, you should have access to something better? :) During adjustment at night, it is common practice to get light on target to verify spotting rounds. And even fire for effect might be coordinated fire using illumination.

Why is 100m grid a dangerous approximation? Unless specified, FDC will assume a 100m distribution pattern anyway. Quadrant accuracy should be easy, 10 digit grid not impossible, even without Map plus :)

Anyway, I won't mind a FIST vehicle, but given the missions that I've played (map too small and map not too populated with enemies compared to real life), I can't say it appears to be the most mission friendly vehicle. We don't have good enough artillery systems (155mm, copperheads with prf codes, no fusing options, airbursts, proper wp, icms, hell even illumination is not all that great) to warrant it. Also, if what we have is 105mm, 155mm would be far too devastating (if you simply upscale everything).

Yeah, I'm an infantry oriented kind of guy :) Not disputing FIST, just think it has limited usability, at least for me.

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I finally suggest something much more simple:

A laser designator just like the one already ingame with bearing/elevation/distance display. But attached to a tripod for lower sway. Maybe with a better zoom. That would be the ultimate recce tool; Stealth, mobile(in a Humvee cargo space) and convenient.

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