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Texture testing islands

Added by kju over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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This is related to Roller, yet more about Deano and your other project.

The idea is to have a non flat and non extreme terrain of ~ 2km^2 to
have both HQ and distant textures visible on non uniform terrain.

Like here: http://public.acemod.net/download/aceip/ACEIP_Texture_Settings_Gallery/ACEIP_Texture_Setting_ARMA_PISEK.jpg

A way is needed to define the different textures one wants to test.



There are two different textures. HQ close and SAT at distance.
Basically the same type, only that the SAT is stretched way more.

Details will be provided by me.

Via radio or sth one can now switch between different combinations of HQ and SAT texture.

On the screenshot you see the combination of HQ 1.paa and SAT 3.paa.
HQ and SAT can use the same, yet must not.

Again the basic idea is to test:
  • How a HQ looks close
  • How a SAT looks at distance
  • How any combination of HQ and SAT look like


Updated by Spooner over 8 years ago

Deano has tried using the existing textures available from the map pbo, but they aren't the same size as our cells, as well as having an annoying overlap. This means we'd either have to have all the textures in the mission (would make the mission massively, but would mean that the map would effectively be downloaded with the mission in MP games!) or we could put it into a separate addon. What sort of size would the image files be if they were cut up into 50m tiles? Since tiles are always 50m square, we'd need separate close and sat images stored.

At the moment, a 256x256 height grid loaded in the mission as a sqf array structure is about 250k (though I could further compress this, I think). This is entirely reasonable for downloading in a mission.

Updated by kju over 8 years ago

Hm this is only meant as a test mission.

While a MP session would allow to have multiple view at the current combination,
you could do this with local sessions and some coordination too.

To have the textures in the mission or an addon doesn't matter much as well I'd say.

For me the most important part is to get roughly the same visual as if i am loading
up the ACEIP islands.

So I guess you could change the size of a square?
Is it possible to have different sizes of squares in one mission, like small squares
close and big at distance?
(close vs distant square size is some fixed multiplier of course)

Updated by kju over 8 years ago

  • Priority changed from Normal to Low

Set prio to low.

We might be able to handle this via buldozer fairly well too.

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